OASIS Drinking Water Systems Neutralize Pathogenic Microbes

Humans average 3,000 bacteria on their hands. That’s just the average, and it doesn’t include illness-inducing viruses. Now consider that water fountains, coolers, and bottle fillers can be some of the germiest places in any building because they are frequently touched and infrequently cleaned. Luckily, select OASIS International coolers and bottle fillers can stem the tide of bacteria and germs that bombard us every day. How? By harnessing the germ-fighting properties of two naturally occurring elements, copper and silver.

Antimicrobial copper touchpoints are available on many OASIS units. Basically, where touchable metal components are presented, customers can be assured that the metal is infused with copper. The copper is always fighting bacteria and viruses, punching holes in the membranes of both at the cellular level, causing irreparable ruptures. Find the copper on touchpoints like the push pads, top, and front nose of the unit for ongoing protection against the spread of bad bugs.

OASIS rounds out the protection using its proprietary FRESHIELD®—a silver-based poly resin compound used on plastic surfaces to further enhance antimicrobial protection. OASIS uses FRESHIELD on molded surfaces and components on water fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers. In addition to fighting germs, it also shields surfaces from mildew and discoloration.

Together, antimicrobial copper and FRESHIELD form a germ-busting dynamic duo to help protect health and wellness. Oasis products equipped with fixtures, touch surfaces, cabinets, and other components made from these materials will continuously neutralize pathogenic microbes, providing an additional weapon in the fight against infections.

OASIS offers microbe-resistant products unmatched in the industry—creating a safer hydration experience through the power of nature. To find out which products might be right for your facilities, contact OASIS at 800-646-2747 or info@oasiscoolers.com.


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