The New Ventana Sauce Dish by Vertex China Accentuates and Adds Distinction to Customized Menu Items

Creative table top items can be utilized by an establishment to help communicate and highlight customized menu items and the overall dining experience. Vertex® China answers the customization food trend in an unexpected way with its introduction of the new Ventana Sauce Dish (AV-D).

Today’s patrons are looking for new and exciting food options that are full of flavor and done just the way they like it. With their ability to transform a traditional menu item into the exotic, sauces and designer condiments have fast become an easy way to provide patrons with meal customization options at a reasonable cost. Sauces and designer condiments provide guests the freedom to control the intensity of the flavor of their meal right at their table.

Customization doesn’t stop at the food, but extends to the entire meal presentation and a great presentation is in the details. Using the right vessel is just as an important of a detail to the meal as the right ingredients are to the food. A unique vessel is a simple and interesting way to enhance and reinforce the custom theme of a sauce or condiment item. The new Ventana Sauce Dish by Vertex China has a striking oblong shape and asymmetrical style that adds an extra special element to a meal while conveying a personalized dining experience that guests won’t soon forget.

Establishments will not only appreciate the ability of this dish to emphasize menu customization, but its versatility and ease of use are enough to make restaurateurs smile. The Ventana Sauce Dishes’ bright white porcelain body, although very beautiful, resists staining so the dish remains looking bright, crisp and new for many meals to come. It’s “just right” size can be used for a wide array of applications that can go beyond sauces and condiments into tapas, mini desserts or wherever your creativity takes you.

“Sauces, spices, and shared meals are more popular than ever, and a vessel like the Ventana Sauce Dish (AV-D) is another example of an on trend product introduced by Vertex,” says James Schulze Vertex China’s President/C.E.O.

The adaptability and durability of the Ventana Sauce Dish make it a smart choice that can help to save money and increase profits.



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