New Software Solution Looks to Revolutionize Third-Party Delivery

OrderTalk, Inc., a leading provider of online ordering software and service solutions to the restaurant industry, has developed patent-pending technology that will change the way restaurants receive third-party delivery orders in a revolutionary way. The new software solution will facilitate order input, without the need for employee intervention, from an artificial intelligence (AI) adapter that will work on any modern restaurant point of sale (POS) system.

Restaurant delivery orders from third parties, such as Grubhub and UberEATS, have fast become one of the most significant growth areas in restaurant takeout. The current technology to receive orders, however, is cumbersome and operationally expensive for restaurants to manage. This dilemma has spurred software companies, like orderTalk, Inc., to invest time, talent and energy into developing a more efficient solution.

“Many restaurant brands work with sometimes more than 20 delivery marketplaces, each one having to supply the restaurant with a tablet to receive the orders,” says Patrick Eldon, CEO of orderTalk, Inc. “From there, the process becomes even more chaotic, with employees needed to constantly monitor these tablets and input orders into the POS system by hand. As anyone might imagine, the process of housing and monitoring tablets is time consuming, costly and prone to human error, which defeats the concept of timely and quality food delivery entirely.”

With nearly 20 years of restaurant POS integration experience, orderTalk was in a unique position to understand these challenges and solve the problem. From the outset, there was an intrinsic understanding that the traditional POS integration via an application program interface (API) was not suited to the delivery marketplace model for many reasons, including the cost, time and ongoing attention to updates this type of integration would require.

Instead, the company set out to find an order-delivery solution independent of back-end POS integration functions or APIs.

The result is revolutionary technology that facilitates order input from any external source through a single AI adapter. The software is self-sustained through machine-learning and dedicated to supporting digital customer needs without continuous human intervention. Restaurant operators will be up and running within an hour or two by using the interactive trainer module.

“This new patent-pending technology solves the cumbersome order-delivery process that has plagued the industry,” says Eldon. “Specifically developed to support universal plug and play POS integration, the technology not only eliminates the restaurant’s burden of managing multiple channels of incoming digital orders, but ensures accuracy, efficiency and a single point of contact for maintenance and support. There is no doubt that this is groundbreaking and disruptive technology for the industry, not just for restaurants but for marketplaces too.”

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