​​Nation’s Giant Hamburgers.
​​Nation’s Giant Hamburgers

To spearhead Nation’s Giant Hamburgers’ expansion plans Power has appointed former Salata Salad Kitchen president, Michelle Bythewood, as President.

​​Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Starts Franchising for First Time

​​Nation’s Giant Hamburgers, the popular breakfast, burger and pie chain serving up no-frills diner fare for over seven decades, is now franchising making it possible for the public to own their very own Nation’s. As the concept sets its sights on expansion, Nation’s announces a team of industry veterans to guide the next chapter of the legacy comfort food chain for the next 70 years to come. 

The Nation’s Giant Hamburgers executive team features:

●     Grant Power - Owner

●     Adam Smith - Chief Executive Officer

●     Michelle Bythewood - President

For Grant Power, Nation’s Giant Hamburgers is in his DNA. His father, Dale Power, was the original partner to founder Russ Harvey, so Grant’s earliest memories include driving around with his father visiting stores and searching for new locations for the next restaurant. “There’s no memory I have that doesn’t include Nation’s in it.”

On what makes Nation’s Giant Hamburgers so special, Power explains, “We need places where people can come in anytime no matter what is going on in their lives, and it's warm, it's loving, and it's positive. We’ve cultivated an environment where our guests can be themselves; there's no script that they need to follow.”

He continues, “We are incredibly proud of the tremendous success Nation’s Giant Hamburgers has enjoyed over the past 70 years and are excited to assemble a team that will not only help the concept to grow but will translate our legacy to the next generation of guests.”

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers CEO Adam Smith joined the team in June 2022. His history with the brand is also one of fond memories and pivotal life moments as he recalls eating there frequently with Power during their time together at UC Berkeley School of Law. After graduating, Smith moved out of state to work for a law firm, but his friendship with Power remained. Most recently, Smith served as Senior Vice President of Legal and External Affairs at California Resources, an independent energy and carbon management company committed to energy transition. 

After learning of Power’s plans for Nation’s Giant Hamburgers in early 2022 and being asked to join as CEO, Smith eagerly accepted and started working diligently to put the processes in place to get the concept ready for franchising. Smith says, “The one piece of the puzzle that we needed to fill was finding a brand president, and for that we wanted the best in the business. That’s when we reached out to Michelle.”

To spearhead Nation’s Giant Hamburgers’ expansion plans Power has appointed former Salata Salad Kitchen president, Michelle Bythewood, as President.

Power comments, “After meeting with Michelle we knew immediately she was the right person for the job based on her vision for the future of the brand, and comprehensive experience with taking brands to the next level as they prepare to grow.”

Prior to joining Nation’s Giant Hamburgers Michelle served as president of Salata Salad Kitchen from 2019-2023. During this time she spearheaded the continued evolution and implementation of the company’s overall vision, core values and strategic direction, as well as operations, logistics, and innovation. Under Michelle’s leadership, Salata increased its locations by 30 percent, growing in several key existing markets including Houston, Dallas and Atlanta, while also entering new markets including Charlotte. 

Bythewood says, “My passion is rebranding companies and putting systems and processes in place for growth and franchisee expansion. The Nation’s Giant Hamburgers brand is steeped in history and beloved by the communities it's in, so when presented the opportunity to grow the brand, I decided the time was right to make a move. My goal is to make the brand relevant to new communities while preserving the heart and soul of what makes the concept so special.”

Nation’s is now accepting franchisees in California and will look towards expansion in new markets in 2024.

“Nation’s has served as a staple in many people's lives for multiple generations, and we are now excited to open the opportunity up to the public to own a piece of the pie, so to speak, as we continue to expand within California and beyond,” said Power.

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Nation’s fans have come to know the Northern California-based chain for its fresh produce, heaping burgers and sandwiches, shakes and sundaes, breakfast served all day, and pies available year round. In fact, in 2022 alone, Nation’s served over one million pies featuring fresh California produce, dairy and chocolate products.

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