Modern Indian Restaurant Rāhi Opens in NYC

Rāhi, (meaning traveler or someone proceeding to a destination) is an artisanal Indian restaurant in Greenwich Village—a collaboration between a young Indian chef with playful artistry, Chintan Pandya and serial entrepreneur Roni Mazumdar, melding their backgrounds from Mumbai and Kolkata. Rāhi is vibrant, modern Indian food, straying from tradition by adopting the local produce of New York. Guests are taken on a journey through India—each dish telling a story from the rich history of Indian cuisine.

Dining in India is often defined by the time you take to enjoy your food and visitors at Rāhi are encouraged do the same. The menu offers “New York Minute” starters, "At Ease" mids, and “Leisurely” mains. Plates range from lighter to richer, with beautifully executed Sunchoke Vada ($11), or pakoras, that customers break apart and dredge through a tamarind glaze and chili coconut crumble, Not-a-Saag-Roti ($14), a fluffy, unleavened cornbread, straying from traditional presentation, in the form of a finger sandwich, filled with tender mustard greens with a surprise side of sweet jaggery butter, Dalhousie Shepherd's Pie ($21) inspired by India's British influence, and Charcoal Smoked Salmon ($21) with a vibrant, green Dhaniwal Korma. The food comes to life atop plateware of varying texturesceramic, wood, and marble, alongside elegant silver flatware. Cocktails listed under “From India with Love” are inspired by different areas of the country, such as a rum-infused Kaffir Mango Lassi ($15) or the flaming Sandalwood Old Fashioned ($15).

White brick walls pulse with the energy of a black and gold mural by artists Yok & Sheryo. Patterns, faces and elephants scatter the walls in a young woman’s dream-like sequence, starting near the front entrance and moving toward the back of the restaurant, depicting her traveling narrative. Customers may choose to sit in the 74-person, two-level dining room or at the 12-seat sweeping white marble bar. In the back, a 24-seat private dining room features artwork from notable artists from various regions of India. Rāhi is designed for indulging the senses over leisurely conversation and enticing plates; for spirited evenings with exotic cocktails. With warm hospitality and Chef Pandya’s refined talent, this neighborhood spot is a destination for travelers and locals alike.

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