MiCamp Solutions Launches Cutting-Edge Technology and Security Solution for Hospitality and Retail Industries

MiCamp Solutions, a Scottsdale-based financial services company, is leading the way in helping merchants become EMV “Chip and Pin” compliant. In October, Visa and MasterCard put into place a mandate that shifted liability for fraud-induced chargebacks (a term used to describe a dispute between cardholder and business) from processing companies to merchants. The technology MiCamp created known as “MiPoint” solves the EMV compliance issue merchants face and reduces the scope of PCI compliance. 

As the first-of-its kind solution, MiPoint enables merchants using Legacy POS systems, such as MICROS, ALOHA, and POSitouch, to adhere to the EMV mandate. “Up until now, there wasn’t a solution for End-to-end encrypted pay-at-the-table solutions in the industry,” says MiCamp president Micah Kinsler. Kinsler adds the MiPoint software is also compatible with InfoGenesis and Squirrel and will add a number of additional POS systems in 2016.

With the release of MiPoint, MiCamp Solutions helps merchants migrate to EMV without having to change their existing POS system. In recent weeks, MiCamp signed and installed MiPoint, the EMV-compliant payment solution, in system-wide locations for Frank Entertainment, Chickie’s & Pete’s and SBE Global. Founded in 2002, SBE owns hotels, restaurants and real-estate throughout the country, including SLS on the famed Las Vegas Strip.

MiCamp is receiving national recognition for their innovative hospitality solutions and it’s likely you will see their MiPoint EMV and PCI solution next time you dine out.

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