The special three-course meal will be offered every Wednesday. 

Melting Pot Partners with Friendship Expert to Craft 'The Best Fondue Friends Forever' Experience

Grab your besties! Melting Pot is encouraging friends to connect over fondue and has partnered with national friendship expert Dr. Melanie Ross Mills to share advice on building stronger bonds with memorable experiences like sharing a meal together.

“We are created to connect and bond in friendship,” says Dr. Mel. “Friends who spend time catching up with memorable experiences like those at Melting Pot often find their relationship growing and deepening.”

Melting Pot has created an experience to encourage friends to get together and catch up, while indulging in delicious dips and shareable sips. The Best Fondue Friends Forever (BFFF) aims to get besties around the fondue pot and turn moments into memories with a three-course menu of creamy cheese fondue, fresh salad and craveable chocolate fondue featuring enhanced BFFF dippers of artisanal cured meats, cream puffs, and macarons starting at $27 per friend.  The BFFF entrée can be added as a four-course for a minimal charge. Prices and participation may vary by location.  

Just in time for National Best Friends Day on Wednesday, June 8th, friends can also enjoy new Shareable Sips, a variety of handcrafted cocktails by the pitcher or by the glass including:

NEW! Pink Crush: New Amsterdam Pink Whitney Vodka and La Marca Prosecco lend to this cocktail’s tart pink lemonade flavors that are rounded out by subtle white peach and strawberry accents.

NEW! Strawberry Blossom: Tito’s Vodka and Strawberry Rose syrup give this elegant, full-flavored cocktail the sweet aroma of fresh roses and strawberry that is perfectly balanced by rich ginger beer and citrus notes.

The Melting Pot’s Grand Sangria: 14 Hands Cabernet and Skyy Blood Orange Vodka gives this sangria bold and robust classic characteristics with notes of fresh citrus and a hint of cinnamon.

Sunshine Sangria: Malibu Coconut Rum, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, and Placido Moscato d'Asti star in this crisp & light sangria that combines summer flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and citrus with a refreshing finish of coconut.

“Our mission has always been to bring people together over fondue for conversation, laughter, and memories,” says Ana Malmqvist, Chief Marketing Officer for Melting Pot. “Our BFFF experience, which is offered year-round every Wednesday, is the perfect break in the middle of the week to meet with friends, and we’re proud to partner with Dr. Mel in helping friends connect with each other.”

Connecting with friends will not happen without time, care, and effort. Dr. Mel offers 5 Tips on How to Connect and Bond in Friendship:

1. Make an Effort: Let your friends know that you care by reaching out. It can be as simple as sending a text, making a phone call, or sending an email the moment a friend comes to mind.

2. Build One Another Up: Help your friends identify why they are unique and appreciated. Be specific; give examples of how you witness their strengths playing out in your lives. 

3. Create Memories Together: Grab your friends and plan out-of-the-box experiences together. Try the Wednesday BFFF experience at Melting Pot, or local activities like twilight bowling, painting classes, or art museums. 

4. Offer Trust and Extend Vulnerability: Give your friend the freedom to be vulnerable without judging. Conversely, share your own life experiences with trustworthy friends – be trustworthy and open your heart to connect. 

5. Let Go of Offenses and Extend Forgiveness: Each of us is imperfect and will make mistakes in friendship. Make sure you’re not “carrying offenses” when a friend isn’t perfect. Make an exerted effort to forgive.

The BFFF experience is offered every Wednesday all year long. 

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