The Local Culinary Creates Virtual Restaurant Franchise Model

The company owns more than 50 unique brands that are franchised to restaurants or ghost kitchens. Within several months, TLC grew at an accelerated speed and can now be found at major cities all across the nation; from LA to New York, Miami to Chicago, and many more.

According to Alp Franko, founder of The Local Culinary, their growth is attributed to their experience and knowledge of the industry, their passion, ability to adapt locally and deliver consistent quality.

“We are the only one in the market deriving from an operational background. This expertise has enabled us to comprehensively optimize the virtual restaurant system and develop a very lucrative business model for franchisees. Our marketing is strong but our operation is even stronger, making our model very profitable. Opening a restaurant is easy, keeping it open over time is what is challenging. Only a solid business model and operation can make a restaurant successful.” Franko adds, “having this background also allows us to speak the same language with our franchisees/chefs: We speak about food costs, menu engineering and market lists. We understand our franchisees, their questions, problems, and daily operations. Understanding each other is critical for success.”

With their great portfolio of brands, The Local Culinary is able to meet any demand and thus, act very locally. “We are one nation but every city and even neighborhood is different. With our great portfolio of brands we can meet demand from any franchisee”.

The Local Culinary stated that it increases revenue without compromising costs as the focus is on optimizing what restaurateurs already have. The expected growth in the food delivery space offers them a fortuitous opportunity in the foreseeable future. So far, the company has established their legitimacy through its accelerated growth and local buzz.

For Alp Franko, the key to success is constant quality. “In our business we sell food while in a restaurant you sell food, service and experience. We cannot afford substandard quality as customers will not order again. That is why our choice in partners is critical. It is important to grow but it is more important to grow well. We search for real chefs, the ones with soul and expertise who work with quality equipment. Even with the best ingredients, if a chef cannot create a quality meal due to lack of experience or proper equipment the business cannot succeed long term. That’s why our choice of partner is fundamental to ensure success to keep consistency and quality products."

If you are a restaurant or ghost kitchen owner looking to increase your revenue, don’t hesitate to contact The Local Culinary.

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