The Lincoln Eatery Welcomes Certified Kosher TYO Sushi

The Lincoln Eatery announced the newest addition to the modern food hall’s mix of culinary concepts—TYO Sushi.

TYO Sushi is a certified kosher Asian food concept, serving edamame, bento boxes, catch-of-the-day sushi and poke bowls. Certified by MDK Rabbi Manish Spitz, TYO  Sushi marks the second kosher certified restaurant in The Lincoln Eatery, the first being Marble & Rye, a classic Jewish deli that opened earlier this year.

Helmed by Chef Roger Epres who is originally from the Philippines, TYO Sushi focuses on high-quality, sushi-grade fish including Hamachi, toro, tuna and salmon. The offerings at TYO are inspired by Japanese tradition but influenced by today’s Asian-fusion culinary trends.

“With flexible indoor and outdoor seating for over 200, The Lincoln Eatery is the perfect location to make our debut,” says Chef Epres. “I take great pride in our authentic menu and my daily routine starts with washing and soaking sushi rice multiple times for extended periods. We make our own kimchi and create specialty sushi varieties including our Cuban roll and South Beach roll, both inspired by the Miami lifestyle and the local culture.”

The menu highlights traditional Japanese sushi rolls and TYO contemporary rolls. Other menu highlights include the Korean Bulgogi Bowl ($18), the Tuna Medori Salad($21) and various Bento Boxes ($16-$24) which are served with vegetable gyoza and cucumber wakame salad. Notable sushi rolls include the TYO Roll ($15), a combination of spicy tuna, cilantro, avocado, and cucumber. The dish is rolled inside out and is topped with Hamachi, jalapeno, scallions, spicy aioli and black caviar. Other highlights include the Vegan Roll (14) and the Sushi Bento ($22), which is a sampler of five pieces of sushi chosen by TYO’s team of expert sushi chefs. Chef Epres recommends the Lava Tower ($15) for those who enjoy a variety of seafood “lava” along with spring onion, masago, sesame and eel sauce.

The eatery got its name from the Tokyo airport code, TYO, which pays tribute to the metropolitan area of Japan that traditional Japanese sushi originated from. Later this year, TYO plans to offer specialty experiences for guests including a fruit carving seminar led by Chef Epres and a special tasting experience that will include secret menu items and omakase-inspired rolls. Chef Epres also plans to spearhead sushi-making classes later this summer.

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