Libbey Cultivates New Farm-to-Table Selections

In response to the popularity of its Farmhouse collection, Libbey Foodservice is taking farm-to-table presentations to the next level by nearly doubling its selection of products.

Dinnerware additions include select new accents offered in two colors at the very peak of today’s color trends, and new cream white bowls, a round platter, and honey pot set that complete an organic, fresh atmosphere. In addition, the Farmhouse collection has expanded to the complete tabletop to include a line of flatware and glassware. 

“With the positive reception and customer feedback on our Farmhouse collection, we are responding to the demand for pieces that take the farm-to-table movement above and beyond what is expected,” says Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey. “The invigorating, organic feel of these products empowers restaurants to showcase and differentiate their presentations of locally sourced, farm fresh creations.” 

Butter Yellow Plates and Blue Hen Bowl and Mug

Color accent pieces create visual pop and add a unique charm to any tabletop. New Butter Yellow plates, available in a 12-inch and 6⅜-inch size, enhance any locally sourced cuisine. The Blue Hen mug and bowl add a unique, yet soft, charm to the rustic feel of Farmhouse. Mix these with Farmhouse’s original cream white line to create a special presentation.

Bowls and Platter

The new Farmhouse bowls and platter bring a mixture of shapes and sizes to the table, completing the natural, organic feel of the tabletop for shared plates. The serving and pasta bowls are perfect for pastas, entrée salads, or family-style serving, and the round platter is great for presenting group appetizers or wood-fired pizza.

Honey Pot

The Farmhouse cream white honey pot set is ideal for establishments that pride themselves on locally made honey or crave a distinct way to serve jellies, jams, or sugar.


Farmhouse flatware embraces the charm of individuality that is so important to authentic, organic tabletops. The six different flatware items feature their own unique, but complementary, detailed and intentionally mismatched handles. Each piece is only available in its unique handle style and may not be ordered individually. In addition, each piece is treated to replicate the nostalgic appeal of natural wear.

Glassware and Infusion Jar

Coming later this summer, the new Farmhouse glassware and infusion jar feature a rooster in their design, finalizing the look of a country fresh tabletop. The glasses range from a 9-ounce juice to a 20-ounce cooler. The 1.85-gallon infusion jar has a stainless steel spigot, perfect for serving trendy, health-infused waters, juices, and teas.

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