Libbey Cookout Flatware Brightens Up Barbecue

Cookout flatware brings a splash of color to the casual tabletop. Each piece is made of durable 18/0 stainless steel with easy-to-hold, colored ABS plastic handles that add a traditional outdoor feel. 

Available in four colors, black, red, blue and squash, this bold flatware can be mixed and matched to accent the ultra bright white allure of Cookout dinnerware, brightening the look of any casual restaurant.

A long-standing trend in American cuisine is barbecue, and Libbey Foodservice is bringing the simplicity and comfort of this trend to life. Regardless of your preference for the style of barbecue you serve—Texas, Carolinas, Kansas City or Memphis—Libbey now offers the new Cookout dinnerware collection with complementary flatware that can take barbecue and outdoor dining to a new level.

“Libbey’s new tableware offering is sure to elevate the American barbecue and outdoor dining experience,” says Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey. “With products such as Cookout dinnerware and flatware and Libbey drinking jars, establishments can build a traditional outdoor American environment that will make their customers feel right at home.”

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