Les Vergers Boiron to Intro New Citrus Preparations

A worldwide specialist in frozen fruit and fruit purée for gastronomy professionals, Les Vergers Boiron has decided to turn to innovation and will introduce three citrus preparations to the American Market during the Summer Fancy Food Show. Some come in a purée (Yuzu) and some come in a semi-candied mix (Lemon and Orange). These new sources of inspiration will add to the 70-flavor range sold under the Les Vergers Boiron brand.

For its newest flavor, Les Vergers Boiron found inspiration in Japan. Yuzu has been a huge trend recently in the most famous restaurants in France and is becoming more and more trendy all over the world. This small tangy citrus fruit, which tastes a little like grapefruit with touches of lime and tangerine, is now available in a purée. It delivers a powerful and rare flavor, much sought-after by pastry chefs, ice-cream makers, chocolate makers and confectioners.

The puree is packaged in a 1-kilogram tray with an inner grading scale (250 grams or 100 grams) for precise measuring. Yuzu purée from Les Vergers Boiron is 100 percent natural and free of preservatives, artificial coloring, and thickening agents. It can be used in a wide range of sweet or savory applications (portioned desserts, fruitcake, financier cakes, muffins, small tarts, wafers, soufflé, ice-cream, sorbet, granita, cream cake, crème brûlée, mousse, ganache, fruit paste, jam, and more).

Les Vergers Boiron has also filed a patent for a new, exclusive technological process in semi- candying, which is used to supply pastry chefs, ice-cream makers, chocolate makers, and confectioners with semi-candied lemon and orange in 500-gram pot.

While they are less sweet and smoother than ordinary candied fruit, these semi-candied mixes have preserved all of the aroma, color, texture, and vitamin content found in fresh produce. Their impeccable quality and their ease of use will save production time. They will retain their consistency and their freshness under high temperatures without releasing any excess juice. When frozen, their texture becomes soft and flavorful, and may be easily handled with a spoon. This new manufacturing process promises to revolutionize the use of candied fruit in pastries, brioches, sorbets, chocolate, and more whether mixed in or used as adornments.

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