JINYA Ramen Bar Chef's Special Menu.
JINYA Ramen Bar

JINYA’s Chef’s Specials Menu is available at participating restaurants while supplies last.

JINYA Ramen Bar Elevates Chef's Specials Menu with New Summer Dishes

JINYA Ramen Bar is elevating its Chef’s Specials Menu with new light, innovative dishes that are perfect for summer.

Starting June 1, the acclaimed ramen restaurant is featuring a bowl that is packed with flavorful noodles but has zero broth. Yes, you read that right – JINYA’s new Spicy Maze-Men skips the broth so guests can enjoy their favorite bold Japanese flavors while cooling off this summer. In addition, JINYA will offer a Japanese staple that deliciously complements sake or beer on its limited-time Chef’s Specials Menu:

Spicy Maze-Men – Extra thick noodles dressed with Umami bonito Japanese aioli sauce and topped with pork chashu, kimchi, seasoned egg, green onion and white onion, garnished with shredded bonito flakes and shredded nori dried seaweed.

Otsumami – The Japanese noun Ostumami means “something to nibble/eat while drinking Sake, beer.” This dish contains pork chashu, chicken chashu, seasoned egg, sautéed bamboo shoot and spicy bean sprouts.

“At JINYA, we create and share new menu items to show off all the different ways guests can enjoy Japanese cuisine, no matter the season,” says JINYA Ramen Bar Founder and CEO Tomo Takahashi. “Whether you need a hot ramen bowl to warm up with in the winter or you’re looking for a unique, refreshing dish in the summer, JINYA has you covered with a wide variety that allows guests to step out of their comfort zone and experience something new. We can’t wait to release these new Chef’s Specials and hope everyone visits us to try these new offerings this summer!”

JINYA’s Chef’s Specials Menu is available at participating restaurants while supplies last. Pricing varies by location.

At JINYA, experience ramen like it’s meant to be – with thick, rich broth in perfect balance with flavorful noodles. Discover a wide array of authentic toppings, from tender pork chashu to a perfectly cooked and seasoned poached egg to fresh garlic. Then, elevate the experience further by pairing it with tapas or a craft beer. JINYA is ramen culture, where the relationship between broth and noodles is serious but delicious business. 

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