Introducing Great Midwest Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese

Saputo Cheese USA Inc. introduced Great Midwest Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese. Today’s consumers are more adventurous and constantly seeking out the next big, bold flavor. Skilled Master Cheesemakers went to work to craft a cheese to satisfy that demand—a creamy Cheddar Cheese punctuated with fiery morsels of ghost pepper.

While flavor is influencing some of today’s top food trends, heat is also playing a role. More than half of consumers crave spicy foods. However, as Americans increasingly enjoy spicy foods, their ideas of what qualifies as hot are expanding. No longer satisfied with mainstream chili peppers to satiate their heat cravings, consumers are seeking more pungent flavors. Ghost peppers, also called “bhut jolokia,”

Great Midwest Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese is the perfect solution. Tiny pieces of ghost pepper are blended with the hard, dairy-rich Cheddar Cheese for a spicy cheese that’s sure to delight heat-seeking patrons.

Adaptable for every daypart, Great Midwest Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese can liven up omelets and hash browns for breakfast while adding a pop of piquant flavor to lunch and dinner items. From bold bar bites to spicy signature grilled items, this peppery cheese attracts diners looking for big flavor. Application options are endless—the cheese can be cubed for cheese plates, shredded onto potato dishes, soups and salads, sliced to top burgers, panini and wraps or melted onto fries for a modern spin on poutine. With savory desserts projected to appear on more menus this year, Great Midwest Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese can also be used to add an unexpected savory flavor to traditionally sweet applications like waffles, biscuits, scones and even pie crusts.

Heat up your menu with the mouth-tingling flavor of Great Midwest Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese. This deliciously composed cheese comes in five-pound loaves to meet your back-of- house needs—perfect for slicing, shredding and storage. For more information, visit 

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