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To kick-off Pancake Support, the brand is partnering with Chrishell Stause who is in need of her own Pancake Support.

IHOP Launches 'Pancake Support' Campaign to Lift Guests' Spirits

Beginning today, IHOP restaurants are on a mission to turn a year’s worth of frowns upside down through much-needed Pancake Support, a Twitter resource solely focused on coming together over the comfort and warmth of pancakes. After a year like no other, IHOP recently launched its new creative campaign, “We Could All Use A Pancake,” which is designed to welcome guests back and celebrate IHOP’s strongly-held belief that those little circles of yumminess have the power to bring us together and put a smile on our faces – something we’ve all been missing over the past year.

To celebrate the new campaign, and the reopening of restaurants across the country, guests who could use a pancake are able to Tweet at @IHOP for Pancake Support with the hashtag #INeedPancakeSupport with stories from quarantine misadventures, work from home fails, funny mishaps or reasons why you just might need a pancake, in exchange for some free fluffy IHOP pancakes and other types of pancake giveaways.

To kick-off Pancake Support, the brand is partnering with Chrishell Stause who is in need of her own Pancake Support. The star is recounting her cha-cha chagrin and disappointing elimination from a very public dance show. Following a misstep on national television, the real estate mogul's dreams of the glittery trophy waltzed away as judges announced her lowest score of the evening, ultimately leading to Stause’s elimination from the competition.

“After weeks of training, dancing and competing, I was sad to leave the competition, my friends and my shot at the famed trophy,” says Stause. “The next morning, I was reliving the elimination during morning interviews, and all I wanted to do was stay home with breakfast in bed with a plate of IHOP blueberry pancakes and binging my favorite daytime soaps. When life throws not-so-serious curveballs, sometimes you need to embrace it, and laugh it off with the support of your friends, and let’s be honest, pancakes always make everything better! Give me soft, fluffy pancakes and I can get over anything."

IHOP’s Pancake Support is a tongue-in-cheek campaign to spotlight everyday moments, fails and real-life funny follies overtaking newsfeeds and social feeds this past year. The brand is also partnering with a few real-life folks who could use a pancake including the model Nivine Jay who turned down a famous actor on a dating app thinking it was fake (it wasn't) and even the IHOP hostess who didn't recognize a celebrity when he showed up for all-you-can-drink Milkshakes.

“After a year that can only be described as challenging, we are ready to reconnect with our guests, smile and laugh together over delicious food including pancakes, omelettes, burgers and the rest IHOP has to offer,” says Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP. “We invite everyone to come together under our blue roof over some feel-good food and warm smiles. At IHOP, we have plenty of both to go around.”

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