Bennigan's is growing its international footprint.

Iconic Casual Brand Bennigan’s Opening Branches in Pakistan

Bennigan’s, one of America’s most iconic casual restaurant chains, is opening branches in Pakistan. The restaurant already has its branches in eight countries around the world. Now, Pakistan will be the ninth country, where Bennigan’s will open its branches.

As per an official announcement, the restaurant will open branches in all major cities of Pakistan. The first branch will open in Lahore in 2018.

The specialty of the restaurant is its “chef-driven food, innovative drinks, and friendly Irish hospitality.” This is the USP of the restaurant that has given the food brand an advantage over its competitors.

An agreement has been signed between the Baila Group of Companies in Pakistan and Bennigan’s. As per the Master Franchise Agreement, four franchises of the food chain will open in Pakistan.

Deputy Managing Director of Baila Group of Companies Junaid Parvez, said, “We chose to franchise with Bennigan’s for a variety of reasons. Bennigan’s has an impressive history of success internationally thanks to its distinct atmosphere, architecture, and the food is truly phenomenal. The brand has a very compelling ROI and offers a world-class level of support and training.”

Parvez also adds, ”Possibly the biggest reason for why we chose Bennigan’s was because of the heartwarming memories that I cherish from frequently visiting Bennigan’s when I was a child. We want to share those memorable experiences with everyone in Pakistan.”

He also informed that the religious protocol in Pakistan would be followed, as Bennigan’s opens its branches in Pakistan. He said that there would be no Haram food, pork or alcohol added to the food.

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