Courtesy of Hotel Arts Barcelona

White Truffles will take center stage on Chef Paco Pérez's tasting menu at Hotel Arts Barcelona in November.

Hotel Arts Barcelona Crafts White Truffle-Tasting Menus

Starting in November, Hotel Arts Barcelona will be serving two delectable white truffle-tasting menus expertly paired with a selection of exclusive wines.

This sought-after delicacy comes into season next month and will be the central ingredient in a unique menu created by Catalan chef, Paco Pérez, and the team behind Enoteca, a two Michelin starred restaurant.

To pair this exceptional menu, Enoteca’s sommelier has selected some of the finest wines from the restaurant’s expansive wine cellar. The pairing menu will include the award-winning Miraval Rosé from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Miraval Vineyard in Provence that is currently not available for purchase.

Honoring the most emblematic wines and producers from Italy and Piedmont, other wine references include the Mortelle Brotosecco from Toscana and the Fossa Mala Pinot Grigio from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Gourmet enthusiasts will enjoy two menus that incorporate white truffles and showcase their flavor. Highlights from the menu will include autumn leaf with white truffle; grilled ‘kokochas’ with bone marrow, borage and white truffle; and pigeon à la minute with creamy potatoes, vegetables, and white truffle.

Often referred to as the “white gold” or “white diamond,” the aromatic white truffle is a rare product from Piedmont, in northern Italy, used by chefs to enhance unique dishes and fine tasting menus.

Harvested underground, the fungi are gathered in October and November, making them the most expensive seasonal ingredient on the market during this time of year. Their unpredictable quality and size make white truffles a difficult product to work with but their flavor guarantees one of the finest culinary experiences a diner can enjoy.

Chef Pérez enjoys the exercise of creating new dishes while revisiting a few classics, pairing some of the local mushroom picks with the white truffle. This is exemplified by his Catalan Ou de reig creamy rice with white truffle, or the Scorpion Fish and champagne “rovello” mushroom and white truffle dish.

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