HOSPECO Makes Disposal of Menstrual Care Products Easy

It’s time for the menstrual product disposal bin in public restrooms to clean up its act. HOSPECO Scensibles SecureFit360 Poly Liner Bags protect janitorial and sanitation staff with a unique design that makes it so their hands never have to reach inside the bin. These Scensibles liner bags come with a patent-pending, extra-long plastic strap that discreetly tucks around the outside of the bin. At removal time, simply pull this strap up and away from the bin. It turns into a handle for lifting the liner out, and doubles as a tie for sealing the liner shut.

Many disposal bins currently use ill-fitting wax-lined paper bags, which inevitably get pushed down into the bin as used tampons and pads pile up on top of it. The resulting mess exposes cleaning and maintenance staff to germs and possible blood-borne pathogens. Plus, it creates an unpleasant environment for any patron who uses the restroom. Scensibles SecureFit360 Poly Liner Bags eliminate the risk, the hassle, and the mess.

As the leader in the manufacture and sale of vended menstrual hygiene products, HOSPECO provides total solutions for the away-from-home market. Its menstrual care product bundle completes the well-appointed public restroom, whether they are located in restaurants, schools and universities, hotels and resorts, stores, offices, or government buildings. Their Scensibles line specifically addresses safe and sanitary disposal of menstrual care products, and includes personal disposal bags, dispensers for the Scensibles personal disposal bag refills, receptacles that also dispense Scensibles personal disposal bags and a complete line of poly liners of which the SecureFit360 Poly Liner Bags is a part.

HOSPECO also offers a full line of cleaning and protection products to serve the janitorial, industrial supply, foodservice, healthcare and hospitality markets

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