HOSPECO Completes the No-Touch Restroom

For years, facility managers and patrons have dreamed of a public restroom that’s totally hands-free. HOSPECO announced that the no-touch restroom is complete with its no-touch personal care assortment. Included are Evogen EV3 No-Touch Menstrual Care Dual Vendor (EVNT3), Evogen EV4 Mini No-Touch Menstrual Care Dual Vendor (EVNT4), Evogen No-Touch Combination Receptacle (EVNT-CWR), and Evogen No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser (EVNT1-W).

Together, they represent a giant leap forward in the health, safety, and experience of patrons. Hands-free sinks, soap dispensers, and hand dryers are already standard in many public restrooms. These state-of-the art, hands-free products close the circle in reducing the spread of germs and illnesses, and create a more upscale atmosphere that enhances guests’ overall comfort.

Evogen EV3 and EV4 No-Touch Menstrual Care Dual Vendors are the only touch-free dispensers of their kind. These innovative dispensers take public restroom hygiene and convenience to the next level by vending tampons and pads to guests with just the wave of a hand. 

Responding to public demand for a better menstrual product disposal method, Evogen No-Touch Combination Receptacle is the ultimate in easy, safe, and sanitary disposal. Sized to fit in virtually any restroom or stall, the waste receptacle automatically opens when patrons simply hold a hand over the lid. The lid automatically closes after the product is deposited. And personal disposal bags are available from the built-in dispenser, making the entire experience more discreet, hygienic, and pleasant for patrons and maintenance staff alike.

The Evogen No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is the first and only hands-free toilet seat cover system. Ninety percent of people wouldn’t use a public toilet without making sure that the seat is clean and free from possible disease-transferring germs. Single-dispense, ready-to-use toilet seat covers eliminate waste.

A tidier, more sanitary restroom is a win for everyone—customers, employees, and your brand.

As HOSPECO celebrates 100 years in 2019, the company continues to innovate, offering full line of cleaning and protection products to serve the janitorial, industrial supply, foodservice, healthcare, and hospitality markets—including the no-touch restroom.

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