HME Introduces Revolutionary ISC | HD Headset System

HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications introduced the revolutionary ISC | HD, the first hands-free, high-definition wireless system specially designed for employee-to-employee communications. Hands-free, two-way communications enables staff to talk with a natural conversational flow that facilitates more efficient operations, leading to a superior customer experience.

The all-new ISC | HD provides two-way simultaneous communication, also called full-duplex, for 15 crew members with up to four speaking at the same time, resulting in streamlined requests, tasks, and reminders.

“Unlike other in-store solutions on the market, ISC | HD enables crew members to talk freely no matter where they’re located,” says Paul Foley, President of HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications. “Employees in the lobby or at the front counter, for example, can easily talk with the manager in the back office to quickly address a customer’s request. The result isoptimized staff communication and a better customer experience.”

The hands-free capability of the ISC | HD headset system allows for open channel communications that helps staff to stay on task while speaking with their team. Crew members delivering orders can instantly relay any food or service needs, improving employee efficiency.

“When crew members deliver food orders and a customer requests a side order of barbecue sauce, they can communicate the request in that exact moment, completely hands-free,” Foley adds. “Employees can openly speak with their team without stopping what they’re doing, improving productivity and boosting operations.”

ISC | HD can be configured to a single or dual channel setup. The kitchen crew, for example, can be on a separate channel from the cleaning crew while operating on the same system.

The flexibility of the ISC | HD system allows it to be used in larger settings, making it ideal for quick service restaurants as well as larger restaurants and other business applications.

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