HM Electronics Celebrates 50th Anniversary

HM Electronics, Inc. (HME) is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a leading provider of innovative communication products and services. Founded  by Harry Miyahira in 1971, HME is a family of industry-leading companies providing advanced  wireless communications technologies to niche markets around the world. From restaurants to  first responders, and live entertainment to broadcasting, HME’s customer relationships and innovative offerings extend to over 140 countries.  

“With this significant milestone, we gratefully celebrate the hard work and dedication of our  team members, the decades of technological innovation, and the successes of our customers and  business partners,” says Chuck Miyahira, HME Chief Executive Officer. “It’s because of  outstanding people, revolutionary products, and great partnerships that we’ve been able to grow  and thrive. And we’re more excited than ever about the opportunities ahead.”  

HME developed the first wireless professional microphone for concerts and live events in 1974.  Five years later, they introduced the wireless intercom system for the professional audio market,  for which the company was awarded a Technology & Engineering Emmy in 2011. Clear-Com, an HME company, was also presented with a Technology & Engineering Emmy that year for the  development of the first distributed amplifier belt pack system and in recognition of significant  innovations and technical contributions to the entertainment and live event markets.  

In 1983, HME entered the quick-service restaurant industry with the first ever wireless drive-thru headset system. They are credited for having pioneered this concept and received the  

McDonald’s Cornerstone Partners Award in 2002 for contributions to the industry. Today,  HME’s patented wideband high-definition audio technology has revolutionized the industry,  providing unmatched voice clarity for drive-thru communication.  

HME headquarters are based in Carlsbad, CA in a modern custom-built facility that makes it  possible for the company to manage administrative offices, R & D/Innovation Center, production  facilities, and customer support center under one roof; an operational priority that has proven to  be essential for excellent quality control, superior customer service, and building a great team.  

In 2019, after many years of adopting and applying LEAN principles and a methodology of  continuous improvement across all aspects and functions of the company, the Association for  Manufacturing Excellence (AME) presented HME with the AME Excellence Award. The award  honors demonstrated excellence in manufacturing and business operations and acknowledges  continuous improvement, best practices, creativity, and innovation.

Leveraging its 50 years of experience, HME is delivering all-new technologies and services to a  restaurant industry that is evolving faster than ever before. The company has expanded beyond  drive-thru communication, paving the way for seamless communication inside and outside the  restaurant. From advanced restaurant communications solutions to digital wireless intercoms that  harness the full capabilities of 5 GHz and IP, HME is empowering a diverse range of markets  around the world to stay connected when it matters most. HME is devoted to continually seek  new ways to improve communications and provide the best technologies that help customers do  their jobs with ease and efficiency. 

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