Heatcraft Introduces Quick Response Controller

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration components, systems and service solutions, introduced the Quick Response Controller, the newest addition to the Heatcraft Controls portfolio. The Quick Response Controller is a factory installed control solution that provides automatic superheat, room temperature, and intelligent defrost control for refrigeration unit coolers.

Utilizing innovative, leading edge technologies, the Quick Response Controller delivers reliable operation and system performance while saving energy compared to traditional electro-mechanical refrigeration controls. The Heatcraft Quick Response Controller combines electronic expansion valves [EEV’s], superheat control, defrost algorithms and fan cycling that result in faster temperature pull downs, stable operating temperatures and overall energy efficiency. Because the Quick Response Controller is factory installed, the controller takes the guess work out of retrofitting superheat and defrost controls to an existing evaporator, ensuring proper operation and reliable performance.

“The Quick Response Controller delivers tremendous benefits to the refrigeration contractor and end-user, such as quick and easy installation, precise temperature control and energy-saving intelligent defrost,” says Jeff Johnson, foodservice segment manager for Heatcraft. “The controller is designed to improve product integrity and to reduce energy consumption due to the intelligent demand defrost and fan cycling capabilities. Defrost occurs in the walk-in cooler only when needed and evaporator fans periodically cycle off during the system off-cycle.”

Johnson also notes that an optional Smart Controller can be added to the system to provide Smart Defrost for optimal defrost control, as well as to enable remote monitoring.

Preprogrammed and factory installed within the evaporator cabinet, the Quick Response Controller achieves and maintains ideal superheat to ensure equipment responds rapidly following compressor startup. EEV’s allow the refrigeration system to recover and reach optimal conditions faster, automatically making necessary adjustments to achieve desired superheat and walk-in box temperatures. Furthermore, with the demand defrost capabilities the controller continuously evaluates the system parameters, pressures, temperature and valve position to execute a defrost cycle only when actual conditions warrant, resulting in overall energy savings, more consistent box temperatures, and improved product integrity.

For more information visit heatcraftrpd.com/qrc.

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