Harwood Hospitality's premium beef.
Kathy Tran
The special line of beef is only available in the Harwood District restaurants and newly opened District market, Fig and Favor. 

The Harwood District and Harwood Hospitality Group Create Premium Beef Program

The Harwood District and Harwood Hospitality Group have taken a different approach to painstakingly create their own beautifully developed beef program properly named, HWD – Harwood Premium Beef, using the whole animal for zero waste. 
Offering Dallas diners and visitors alike something very special, ownership and the Harwood culinary team led by Vice President of Culinary, Chef Taylor Kearney, have been working alongside a local rancher for two years to develop an ultra-high-end product of Akaushi bloodline breed of cattle.
The special line of beef is only available in the Harwood District restaurants and newly opened District market, Fig and Favor. 
HWD Premium beef is the culmination of seeing it through, from ranch to the restaurant. The cattle are gently raised in Texas and Oklahoma.
Harwood uses the entire animal from taking hides and turning them into leather and rugs, bones are used to make stocks, sauces, and even dog treats.
Kearney says, “We make a lot of different things in the kitchen from the tallow such as our own cooking and infused oils. We cook with this whenever possible, trying to replace ultra-processed oils. We are then taking that tallow and using Texas beeswax to make our own candles to be sold in our new market, Fig and Favor.”
Waste is not an option for Kearney and his team. His passion for this project takes on a whole new meaning of commitment to quality.
Each restaurant uses different cuts of meat in the District. Kearney also explains, “If we are not using the cuts in the restaurants, we use the meat for our burgers throughout all of our restaurants which delivers yet again a premium product, unlike any other on the market.”
Dishes featuring the HWD Premium Beef are available now at the Harwood District restaurants including Te Deseo, Dolce Riviera, Happiest Hour, Harwood Arms, Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar, Elephant East and Mercat Bistro.
The dishes featuring the luxury line of beef include Te Deseo’s Long Bone Cowboy, Fajitas, Brisket Tacos and Brisket Nachos; Happiest Hour’s Happy Burger, Classic Burger, Taco Salad and Brisket Tacos; Mercat Bistro’s Hanger Steak Frites, Butcher’s Cut and Le Burger; Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar’s The Saint Burger, Butcher’s Cut Steak Frites, Filet Mignon; Elephant East’s Drunken Noodles, Filet Mignon and Bulgogi; Harwood Arms’ Guinness Braised Short Ribs, 50/50 Burger, Double Stack Burger; Dolce Riviera’s Filet Mignon, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagna and Long Bone Ribeye.
Each cattle they have harvested has graded well above Prime which is a success story on its own. 
The program has come to fruition over the last two years after facing a challenge with finding consistent prime cuts during inflation and not price gouging the guests. Working alongside the family, Kearney says they always keep the guest experience in mind. 
Chef Taylor Kearney says, “We want to serve the best beef available at an affordable price point. We couldn’t find both affordable and amazing, so we developed a program ourselves. This separates us from the crowd when everyone else is buying their product, we raised ours. Nobody else in this industry in our market has done the work to go down this road but we felt it was what our guests deserve.” 

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