At Samwoojung, the unique style of bulgogi is the restaurant's specialty and focus.
Moonhee Kim

At Samwoojung, the unique style of bulgogi is the restaurant's specialty and focus.

Hand Hospitality Opens Samwoojung in Midtown Manhattan

Samwoojung opens in Midtown Manhattan, a block from the heart of bustling Koreatown (138 West 32nd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues), as a one-of-a-kind, old-school bulgogi house. The concept hails from Korea, and it is the restaurant’s first-ever appearance stateside.

Samwoojung first opened in 1963 in Seosomun, Seoul – and for the last 60 years, it has served generations of diners its original legacy recipe for Seoul-style bulgogi, which is characterized by its distinctive broth and prepared in a special dome-shaped copper vessel. While the common styles of bulgogi found in Korea include “Gwangyang-style” (non-marinated thin slices of beef that are charcoal grilled) and “Eonyang-style” (which features marinated minced beef, cooked into a crispy beef patty), both of these styles are grilled, so more closely related to offerings found at popularized Korean BBQ spots. 

At Samwoojung, the unique style of bulgogi is the restaurant's specialty and focus. Samwoojung’s Seoul-style bulgogi is marinated in an artisan soy sauce made with Korean bamboo salt. This same heritage sauce is available at the New York outpost, remaining true to the original flavor. 

In addition to bulgogi (available in small and large portions), the menu features other specialty dishes such as Gujeolpan, a traditional Korean wheat crepe served with egg white, egg yolk, red and green bell peppers, seaweed mung bean jelly, chwinamul tofu, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, and pine nut sauce, and Abalone steamed and glazed with gochujang sauce with abalone intestines bibimbap, and more dishes.

Noodles and rice dishes round out the menu including Chogye Noodles Garlic with oil braised chicken, dongchimi broth, beef broth, buckwheat noodles; Cold Kimchi Noodles with radish kimchi, napa cabbage kimchi, dongchimi broth, beef broth, thin wheat noodles; and Kkakdugi Fried Rice with spicy radish kimchi and pork. Options for Jeongol – cooked and served in a Korean clay pot – include Tripe with beef broth, brisket, tripe, tendon, tongue, cabbage, bean sprout, sweet potato noodles or Octopus with spicy broth octopus, assorted vegetables, tofu, rice cakes and sweet potato noodles, among others. Desserts include Red Bean Milk Bingsu and Icy Persimmon with Korean honey and ricotta cheese. The beverage selection features a selection of Korean soju, beers, and house cocktails. 

Samwoojung is located at 138 West 32nd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues, in New York City

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