Ginocchio Restaurant Presses FLAT Tech Into Action

One of the biggest struggles with renovating beautiful old locations is finding the balance between protecting the unique and rustic look that will draw customers in, while also providing a solid dining experience. Having recovered or refinished original wood floors, revitalized brick pavers, or original tile flooring means that having level surfaces for tables is not only difficult but nearly impossible. 

The Ginocchio restaurant and bar is located in the historic Ginocchio Hotel in Marshall, Texas. The restaurant recently reopened after having gone through a complete renovation that took more than two years to complete.  The renovation was undertaken to return the original beauty and splendor of the hotel, which has legitimate architectural importance to the region.

The Ginocchio Hotel was designed and built by renowned architect C.G. Lancaster in 1896 for Charles A. Ginocchio.  The centerpiece of the structure is the one-of-a-kind curly pine staircase in the main lobby.  The grand lobby also includes a set of very rare “Edison Arches,” some of the earliest electrified structures in Texas.

The preserved original tile and plank wood flooring further highlights the history and craftsmanship of The Ginocchio.  Thought providing an amazing environment for the new restaurant, it also creates very uneven and irregular flooring surfaces.  To prevent the from being a hazard for guests, and constant annoyance for staff, Alan Loudermilk, Owner and Operator of The Ginocchio, researched table leveling products and technology before selecting FLAT table bases as his choice for all the tables throughout the restaurant and bar.  “The Ginocchio could not be a more perfect testimonial for FLAT products—we don’t have a single level floor anywhere, “ says Mr. Loudermilk.   He then continued, “The Ginocchio is extremely pleased with FLAT’s table bases.”

FLAT Tech uses a patented hydraulic valve system in their table bases that automatically levels tables on uneven surfaces, and then locks the bases into place—providing a solid and secure table surface.  This technology sets FLAT products apart from other table stabilizing options on the market.  If you have a renovated space that is in need of help with uneven flooring, FLAT Tech products should be on your research list.


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