Gerard Craft's Taste Unveils New Cocktail List

Taste (4584 Laclede St. St. Louis, MO 63108), the acclaimed cocktail and small plates bar from James Beard winner Gerard Craft, introduces a new menu of 18 ambitious cocktails to celebrate the change in seasons. With local tinctures to spicy spirits, the new drinks set to satisfy the palate of any imbiber this summer. 

General Manager Diana Benanti says, “The menu is a collaborative effort where we challenge our bar team to consider flavor profiles that will entice the guests with the familiar, but also start a conversation about ingredients and spirits that may be new to them. For example, we’re excited that this menu is fruit-forward for summer, but also allows us to play with fun bitter, spicy and dry ingredients for balance. With that in mind, we take careful consideration of each drink down to the perfect pun for its name.”

The new menu offers a literal fruit cocktail with drinks like the Club Trip ($11) with North Shore #11 gin, carrot, lemon, passion fruit and local Dirty Girl Farms maypop tincture (maypop is a local Missouri passionfruit flower). A Nice Day in Hell ($11) shows the balance of fruit and spice with jalapeno-infused Cynar 70, Plantation 3 Star rum, lime, agave and fresh strawberries. The Ango Mango ($11) features Smith & Cross Navy Strength rum, lime, a healthy dose of Angostura bitters, mango and simple syrup.

Other drinks showcase earthy aromatics of summer like the spice-forward Anise to Meet You ($12) with Dolin dry vermouth, Henri Bardouin pastis, North Shore #6 gin, lemon and simple syrup or the funky and fun wine me dine me I was in the band prodigy ($11) with Pinot Blanc, North Shore #11, lime, Gran Classico, Don’s Mix and St. George Bruto Americano.

The complete menu categorizes cocktails by their drinking experiences to include:


club trip. 11 north shore #11 gin, carrot, lemon, passion fruit, dirty girl farms maypop tincture

only obligation. 10 campari, henriques et henriques rainwater madeira, absinthe, san pellegrino grapefruit, tonic

what’s in the baks. 10 london vodka, bison grass vodka, lemon, dolin blanc, hibiscus, fevertree elderflower tonic


anise to meet you. 12 dolin dry, henri bardouin pastis, north shore #6 gin, lemon, simple

most likely to. 12 scarlet ibis rum, bowmore single malt scotch, guava, lemon, luxardo ameretto, big o ginger liqueur.

esper vibes. 11 yzaguirre blanco reserva, becherovka, lime, passion fruit, egg white.


a nice day in hell. 11 jalapeno-infused cynar 70, plantation 3 star rum, dark rum, lime, agave, fresh strawberries.

ango mango. 11 smith & cross navy strength rum, lime, angostura bitters, mango, simple.

born enchanter. 10 batavia arrack, passion fruit, lime, suze, grenadine, mint.

moment of hesitation. 11 spicy tequila, lime, orgeat, st. george agricole rhum, tart cherry.

psychedelic interlude. 11 plantation pinapple rum, st. george bruto americano, cocchi doppo teatro, passion fruit, lime.

stirred. strong. intriguing.

house of stairs. 12 milagro reposado, bonal, pedro ximenez sherry, cynar, celery shrub

wine me dine me i was in the band prodigy. 11 pinot blanc, north shore #11, lime, gran classico, don’s mix, st. george bruto Americano

but the moon was out. 12 russell’s 6 yr rye, kina d’or, averna amaro, gran classico, dirty girl farms shiso tincture


say uncle c. 2011. 12

uncle val’s restorative gin, punt e mes, zucca, cucumber

marriage of two minds. 2012. 12

north shore #11 gin, lemon, grapefruit, green chartreuse, st. germain, lavender bitters, gruet

seventeenth ward c. 2013. 11

wild turkey 101, orgeat, orange, grapefruit, luxardo maraschino liqueur, angostura bitters.


dry daquiri. 11

plantation 3 star rum, passion fruit, campari, lime, simple.

Taste is located at 4584 Laclede St., St. Louis, MO 63108. Hours of operations are Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. Reservations are only available for parties of 6 or more, but Taste is on the NoWait app. 

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