Frontline’s Mobile Oil Containment Tank Gets an Upgrade

When Frontline International released its Waste Cooking Oil Containment Caddy three years ago, it was revolutionary. Now it’s even better, with the addition of its own pump and wand to draw oil into the tank.

Nicknamed the “Tank Tank” because it’s an oil tank and also mobile and rugged like a military tank—the Model 74SS-NA caddy with the extra-large 74-gallon tank is perfect for operations with numerous fryers dispersed at various locations within a building. Think of mall food courts, with their multiple restaurants, individual kitchens, and limited access for a central collection system.

The Tank Tank easily wheels to each location, its extra-large capacity accepting multiple deposits before needing to be emptied. Now, the onboard motor and pump make oil collection completely hands-free. Plus, once oil is housed safely inside, it can be transported with no hazardous sloshing. It’s locked in!

In addition to shopping mall environments, the Tank Tank is also ideal for sports stadiums with concession stands, conference centers, airports, casinos, and colleges and universities, among others. It can also serve as its own secure storage tank for smaller operations with a lower used oil turnover.

The unit can be safely rolled to fryers or temporary storage tanks where it suctions out the contents. When the tank is full, operators simply wheel it to a permanently positioned, centrally located containment tank and pump the used oil into the permanent tank. It helps eliminates the risk of burns, slips, and falls, which can often increase in likelihood when walking any distance with exposed oil. All hoses and attachments come standard. The Tank Tank is also available in a 47-gallon capacity for smaller operations.

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