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Frontline International’s Direct-Plumbed Systems Solve Oil Concerns

If you’ve searched for a safer, cleaner way to get both fresh and waste cooking oil to and from your fryers, you’ll find a hands-free solution in Frontline International’s cost-effective, highly efficient Smart Oil Management systems. The company offers a choice of automated, direct-plumbed systems for both fresh and waste oil, which send the oil directly to its destination with minimal or no handling by employees.

Direct-plumbed systems lower the risk of potentially dangerous spills, burns, or slip-and-fall injuries. And no more heavy buckets to haul or drag.

For fresh oil, Frontline International offers its EZ Oil System for Standard Packaged Oil, which stores and manages fresh oil that you purchase in boxes or jugs. Boxes are placed upside-down on racks to ensure complete emptying, increasing yields by up to 10 percent. The boxed oil can be directly plumbed to the fryer for a fully automatic connection, so fryers are filled with a simple push of a button—not by pouring by hand out of a bulky box or jug.

For waste oil, Frontline International’s fully automated direct-plumbed system helps ensure worker safety and easier oil collection. With a push of a button, used oil leaves the fryers and flows into the system’s secure waste oil containment tanks—inside or outside your facility. Frontline International’s stainless steel waste oil tanks also have collection ports equipped with an integrated locking anti-theft valve, part of the company’s available web-based M3 data management system that allows users to monitor, measure, and manage oil usage and collection 24/7.

Frontline International’s direct-plumbed solutions for both fresh and waste oil make handling hot oil obsolete. That means potential savings on insurance, workers’ compensation, and employee downtime; greater employee safety; and cleaner floors and grounds. The equipment is modular and customizable and can be adapted to nearly any size space, even small and complex store layouts.

All Frontline International equipment is backed by a one-year warranty on both parts and labor. For more information, please visit

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