Frank’s RedHot Kicks Off Game in Fortnite

Frank’s RedHot is kicking off its very own game in Fortnite, “The Floor is Flava,” on January 30. ‘The Floor is Flava,’ a flavor-packed version of Fortnite’s Floor is Lava challenge that is inspired by the classic kid’s game, is set on an immersive chicken wing-shaped island and centers around a volcano that spews Frank’s RedHot sauce (a.k.a. flava, because Frank’s + Lava = Flava!) everywhere.

“Last year, Frank’s created the first-ever edible NFT made from Buffalo wings. In 2023 we go further, combining iconic game day foods with one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online games, Fortnite,” says Tom Rowe, Director, Global Digital Experiences at McCormick. “Whether you’re watching IRL or playing virtually, Frank’s brings the perfect blend of flavor and heat to the Big Game and gaming.”

During game play, users navigate unfamiliar terrain: beaches, forests, and a ruined city, each offers RedHot-themed elements to climb higher up Mt. Frank. Players can jump on stone statues of iconic game day foods, use chickens as jetpacks, and play defense with RedHot sauce launchers and chiller grenades. Frank’s fans will discover other brand-inspired game elements, like the Tender Defender skin, Chili Chugs for speed boosts, and a hidden temple at the heart of the volcano. Plus, seasoned Fortnite players may also spot favorite past characters hidden within the game, like Beef Boss and Tomatohead. Frank’s RedHot has even tapped some of Fortnite’s top gamers like Ali-A, SushiBAE, SypherPK, Typical Gamer, and Zemie to take on the challenge and get fans diving into delicious doom.

Frank’s RedHot first entered the metaverse when it launched the first-ever “edible NFT” and spoof cryptocurrency “Bonecoin” to celebrate Buffalo wings ahead of the Big Game. Now in ‘The Floor is Flava,’ Frank’s aims to reach a new audience of sauce lovers with their most virtual and immersive experience to-date. Launching ahead of the most anticipated weekend in football, Frank’s will also be celebrating by partnering with local commerce platform DoorDash to deliver free wings to fans across the U.S. and Canada.

Visit on January 30 for the Island Code to play the Floor is Flava in Fortnite Creative Mode. Fortnite can be played for free on Playstation, Xbox, Switch, Android, PC, and cloud-based game streaming services. Stay tuned for additional information on the DoorDash promotion, announcing soon.

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