Flat Top Grill Announces Biggest Menu Change in 20 Years

Flat Top Grill is implementing some major changes. For the first time in 20 years, it will be adding new menu items like burritos, salads, stuffed sandwiches, and tacos to complement its more traditional offerings of noodle and rice dishes. 

With two successful decades under its belt, it is responding to customer feedback and evolving its concept into a fresh food venue that caters to all eating lifestyles. The menu will be introduced at all 13 locations on March 16.

Its evolution will include the addition of: the FTG Mighty Burrito (1.5 pounds of make-it-yourself freshness), Roti Tacos (on its signature Roti Bread), salads (for the carb-conscious), and stuffed sandwiches (custom creations nestled in a pocket pita), all prepared to order. 

"It was our mission to evolve our concept from a stir-fry restaurant into a fresh food lifestyle venue by expanding the menu and offering more ways to eat healthy," says CEO Michael Wozniak. "We observed the dining trends and have listened closely to our guests' feedback over the years.

"There are so many different dietary preferences and needs these days ... we want Flat Top Grill to remain top of mind as the easiest and fastest way to fresh, healthy, delicious food."

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