EcoStick Sweeteners Plant Trees in Support of Reforest Patagonia

Earlier this year, ecoStick Sweeteners announced an initiative to support the National Park Foundation as part of their commitment to a sustainable future and reducing their impact on the environment.

Now, ecoStick announced its support of Reforest Patagonia, an organization working to recover the Patagonia eco-system by reforesting native species.

Visit ecoStick’s website to learn more about these initiatives that are saving trees and planting trees across the globe. Consumers are also writing to restaurants that offer ecoStick sweeteners to say “thanks for doing your part” through the new ecoStick site.

Why Patagonia? Patagonia is one of the world’s greatest treasures. Located at southern end of South America, it is one of the most wild, pristine and unspoiled places of the world. But in 2012, a devastating wildfire burned at least 42,000 acres of parkland. This fire is considered one of South America’s worst ecological tragedies.

Sugar Foods and Reforest Patagonia have a common goal of protecting trees and ecosystems, no matter where they are. Visitors to Patagonia will find ecoStick sweeteners in Chilean cafes and restaurants. Chilean restaurant operators have made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint by using ecoStick sweeteners, so Sugar Foods wanted to do something meaningful to thank them for doing their part. EcoStick is the proud sponsor of 2,000 new native species planted in Patagonia in April 2016, and will continue to support the reforestation campaign going forward.

This is part of Sugar Foods’ commitment to change the world one sweetener at a time.

The ecological effect of ecoStick sweeteners vs. traditional sweetener packets is quite impactful: in one year we would save over 27 million pounds of corn, five million pounds of paper, one million pounds of cardboard and 3,800 gas-guzzling truckloads (based on one billion ecoSticks used verses traditional sweetener packets). Every time an ecoStick sweetener is enjoyed in your favorite beverage, it helps ensure future generations can experience our planet’s natural beauty for years to come.

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