Eco-Products Introduces Line of Compostable Utensils

Eco-Products, a Novolex brand, announced the introduction of a line of compostable utensils for use in Cutlerease, a new dispenser that offers customers one fork, knife or spoon at a time.

The patented system improves cleanliness, reduces waste, saves space and provides customers with a more convenient way to get compostable utensils.

Waddington North America, also a Novolex brand, introduced the Cutlerease system for single-use utensils earlier this year. Eco-Products is now offering BPI-certified compostable forks, spoons and knives that are compatible with this dispenser.

“Cutlerease’s innovative design dispenses clean, compostable cutlery one piece at a time, with the guest using the piece being the only one to touch the cutlery they are taking,” says Sarah Martinez, Director of Marketing for Eco-Products. “This cuts waste, saves money and offers foodservice operators another environmentally responsible option for their guests.”

Cutlerease's compact footprint saves significant space over other brands and reduces refill frequency by holding up to 360 pieces of cutlery. No batteries or electrical outlets are required, allowing operators to place Cutlerease where guests are best served.

This is an ideal solution for operators offering front-of-house composting to their customers.

When compostable cutlery is part of a fully compostable bundle of packaging, customers can put all of the packaging, as well as their uneaten food, into a compost bin to be diverted from the landfill. For customers without access to a commercial composter, Eco-Products’ utensils still offer the benefits of being made with plants, a renewable resource.

“We’re excited about compostable Cutlerease cutlery because it offers an excellent way to help food operators save resources and take another step toward Zero Waste,” Martinez says. “That’s something that customers will truly appreciate – making Cutlerease not only good for the planet but good for business, as well.”

The Cutlerease system features refill packs that make restocking easy – and do not require an employee to touch the actual cutlery. The system has no trays or levers, which further cuts down on the transfer of germs. Guests simply pull on the handle of the piece they want, and the next piece pops out, ready for the next customer.

Cutlerease is easily adaptable, allowing foodservice operators to mix and match utensils. For example, the dispenser could offer a fork/knife/spoon combination for a restaurant, or three towers of spoons for an ice cream store.

“This gives foodservice operators maximum flexibility to make sure guests get exactly what they need,” Martinez says.

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