Dole Takes a Fresh Look at Frozen Food

Due to the ubiquitous usage of “fresh” to describe food and trigger purchases, speakers at the 2016 NRA warned the term has all but lost its value and meaning with consumers. With “flavor,” “natural,” and “convenient” still leading consumer motivators, Dole shares five reasons why DOLE Fresh Frozen Fruit is an unsung hero when it comes to planning tasty, healthful and cost-effective menus.

Year-Round Accessibility. IQF (individually quick frozen) is an extremely clean preservation method that provides a consistent supply of favorite fruits 24/7/365.

Nutrient Density. That “fresh is always best” is one of the most common nutrition misconceptions. In reality, a pint of fresh berries grown and shipped from the west coast to east coast spends an average of 10-14 days in transit, and loses vital nutrients along the way. Frozen produce is grown to full maturity, harvested at peak ripeness, immediately flash frozen at full nutrient density, and shipped without nutrient loss.

Profitable. Freezing eliminates many of the time and labor-intensive processes necessary to deliver produce from farm to table. The savings in labor and cost is shared among growers, packers, shippers, and suppliers, and means frozen produce can be marketed at an affordable price-point for the end user.

Time Saver. DOLE Fresh Frozen Fruits have already been sorted, peeled, sliced, chopped or otherwise prepped and are ready to use.

Convenient Inventory. Operators can stock natural frozen fruits without the risk of spoilage.

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