Dannon Introduces Back-of-the-House Yogurt Solution

Dannon Foodservice is excited to announce the launch of a new bulk yogurt back-of-house solution to meet your culinary needs: Dannon Pro Nonfat Yogurt in vanilla and strawberry flavors and Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Yogurt in plain and vanilla flavors. 

Designed to help operators optimize back-of-house operations, Dannon Pro Nonfat Yogurt and Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Yogurt come in 6-pound bags with an easy-pour resealable cap to help prevent spillage and minimize cross-contamination. This new easy-to-use format delivers superior efficiency, optional yield and improved packaging sustainability. 

With a delicious flavor and a rich and creamy texture, Dannon offers an easier way to bring the booming yogurt trend to your operation from a brand you know and trust. 

These new products make it easy to create flavorful dishes to satisfy the growing demand of better-for-you menu options. As the food of the decade, yogurt continues to become more prevalent in restaurant kitchens and can be found in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. 

From perfect parfaits to signature spreads, dressings, marinades and more, yogurt can be used to help reduce fat and calories without losing flavor or texture. Many chefs are replacing ingredients like regular sour cream, cream cheese and mayonnaise with traditional plain Greek yogurt to reduce fat by 80 percent. And by replacing oil and butter with creamy nonfat yogurt, you can help improve decadent desserts.

“Yogurt is a great versatile ingredient to have on hand,” says Michael Symon, a James Beard Award–winning chef, restaurateur, television personality, and author, in addition to being a Dannon Oikos spokesperson. “I’ve been cooking with Greek yogurt for years and I grew up with it. I use it in everything from classic Greek dips to flavorful marinades and dressings. Greek yogurt has a rich mouthfeel, but it also brings a tartness and acidity to a dish for a more complex flavor. One of my favorite dishes is roasted lamb with mint and cucumber yogurt, but it really can be paired with just about anything.”

With up to 22 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving, Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Plain Yogurt contains one ingredient: cultured milk. According to a recent study, consumers expect Greek yogurt to become more common in ice cream, dips, salad dressings, and ready-to-drink smoothies. 

Operators can amp up the flavors of sushi and grilled meats by creating a zesty Asian-inspired dip made with Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Plain Yogurt, lowfat mayonnaise, green onions, wasabi paste, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. Whether showcased in appetizers, entrées, or desserts, Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Plain Yogurt can complement just about any flavor combination and cuisine.

As the fastest-growing breakfast item away from home, operators are developing creative ways to satisfy customer’s taste buds, with convenient, easy breakfast offerings like smoothies and parfaits. Dannon Pro Nonfat Yogurt, a blended yogurt, is delicious on its own or paired with fresh fruit or cereal. 

For example, by blending Dannon Pro Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt with strawberries, peaches, banana and wheat germ, operators can instantly create a delicious smoothie. There are countless ways to combine plain yogurt, as well as the flavors of creamy vanilla and strawberry yogurt, with fruit, nuts, and whole-grain toppers to create tasty, nutrient-rich breakfast and snack items.

After years of developing ways to benefit the foodservice industry, Dannon is delighted to offer an innovative new package design to help operators manage costs and optimize back-of-house efficiencies. The resealable bag provides 99 percent yield and has an easy-pour cap to help prevent spillage while minimizing cross-contamination. 

Plus, the flexible, simple-to-use pouch is made with 61.5 percent less plastic than quarts to reduce waste. Available in 6-pound durable plastic bags, Dannon Pro Nonfat Yogurt comes with four bags per case, while Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Yogurt comes two bags per case. Both blended and Greek varieties contain live and active cultures and are certified gluten-free and kosher.

With efficient packaging and endless applications, operators can use the on-trend power of Dannon Pro Nonfat Yogurt and Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Yogurt to easily meet customer demand for delicious, flavorful dishes. Whether layering parfaits, cooking up fresh, creamy soups or baking rich, decadent desserts, Dannon can help inspire innovative recipes for every daypart. 

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