Cooking Schools Directory Highlights Healthy Substitutions, an online directory of culinary colleges, details how people can maintain a healthy lifestyle by periodically substituting certain foods for healthier options.

According to the March 21 article posted on titled, "The Effortless Diet: Healthy Substitutions For The Most Unhealthy Cooking Ingredients," there are easier and healthier options to include in a daily diet that can provide a low-fat meal without sacrificing taste.

The article lists options that offer little change in taste for a healthier daily routine on everyone's favorite foods:

  • Low fat milk instead of whole milk
  • Applesauce or oil instead of butter
  • Smaller portions of bolder cheese than milder cheese
  • Use vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon instead of sugar
  • Use spices instead of loads of salt
  • Mix whole wheat flour with white flour
  • Use yogurt instead of mayonnaise or sour cream

"Everyone wants to improve their diet," the article says. "With a few substitutions to your standard cooking routine, you can make low-fat meals without sacrificing too much taste. You don't need to cut these ingredients out entirely, but it's helpful to occasionally cut back in certain meals."

Andrew Girard, a representative at, discusses using food substitutes to cut calories. "These substitutes are common household foods that can cut back on sodium and fats. For instance, using oil instead of butter can be a great way to reduce calories without sacrificing taste. Olive oil contains many healthy fats and antioxidants. It's great for frying and cooking low calorie recipes."

To learn more about healthy cooking options, Girard suggests enrolling in a cooking class or culinary school. "Chefs understand how to cook delicious meals while cutting calories. As you learn how to cook, you will be able to recognize ingredients and match specific tastes. You can expand your skills and learn how to cook healthier meals by attending a cooking school." is a source for information on culinary degrees, culinary schools ,and cooking programs. 

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