Chef Jose Garces.
Jose Garces

As part of his new brand Chef Jose Garces, Garces introduces several new offerings.

Chef Jose Garces Launches New Personal Brand

Chef Jose Garces announced the launch of a new, personal brand, centered around creating personalized, first-hand experiences designed to share his culinary and business expertise in new interactive and engaging ways, all backed by his role as an Iron Chef, father, husband, James Beard Award-winner, entrepreneur, and food innovator.

“This has been an incredibly challenging time for us all, and especially difficult for independent restaurants. Amid the shutdowns, the time I have spent at home has given me the opportunity to focus on the things that I am most passionate about – family, mindfulness, cooking, and finding new and creative ways to further the culinary industry,” says Chef Jose Garces.  “It’s given me the chance to grow, and to put in motion plans that I’ve long dreamt about but never had the time to actualize. I’m thankful for the chance to continue to grow my own brand to reach new audiences and expand into new markets.”

As part of his new brand Chef Jose Garces, Garces introduces several new offerings: “Cooking Space,” a series of meditative short-form cooking demos; “Latin Live,” a series of interactive virtual cooking  classes, led by Chef himself, that focus on Latin-based recipes; a strategic brand partnership with the lauded Boisset Collection wines; and personalized consulting services available to aid entrepreneurs in finding success within the culinary industry.

“Cooking Space” with Jose Garces

While Garces loves to honor his Latin roots, his career as a chef has proven that he is able to master cuisines of all styles and origins, spanning from Spanish tapas and Japanese cuisine to seafood and new American fare and beyond. His new, professionally-produced video cooking-show style series titled “Cooking Space” welcomes viewers into Garces’ own world of culinary creativity, with recipes, how to’s and general advice on food preparations. Videos will incorporate a meditative quality, offering an escape and a moment to foster a sense of togetherness and mindfulness in any home alongside a curated music playlist and personal anecdotes from Jose as it relates to the food, his inspiration behind the dishes, and his travels.

The series will feature content based around seasonal and culinary themes, with topics and recipes ranging from “Classic Paella Valenciana,” “JG’s Homestyle Ramen,” “Jerk Trumpet Mushroom and Caribbean Curry” and more. Viewers can tune in for a quick way to learn new recipes, simple - yet effective - techniques, general tips and tricks, and more to provide viewers with expert guidance from a renowned chef in an easily digestible context.

There will be a total of 24 Cooking Space videos, each 8-10 minutes in length, with a new video released every other week. 

“Latin Live” virtual cooking classes with Chef Jose Garces

Chef Jose Garces will unveil “Latin Live,” a new series of virtual interactive cooking classes, which will offer participants the opportunity to learn and engage firsthand with an Iron Chef.

The idea for the Latin Live series, along with many aspects of the Chef Jose Garces brand, spurred from business and lifestyle changes during the pandemic. Latin Live creates an opportunity to build personal connections through interactive cooking classes, carried out virtually for an intimate at-home experience. With a focus on Latin American recipes and flavors, participants can spice up their at-home cooking routines and interact with Chef Garces himself throughout.

As one of the nation’s most celebrated Latin Chefs, Garces is excited to cook alongside participants and share his firsthand knowledge on topics covering a variety of foods and recipes with origins in Latin America, from his the two-part “My Favorite Tapas Recipes,” to “Anticuchos: Traditional Peruvian Street Food, to “Fritada: Ecuadorian Fried Pork with Warm Hominy Salad,” and beyond. The series begins in January 2021 with additional classes throughout the year. To sign up, please visit

Strategic partnership with Jean-Charles Boisset Wines

Chef Jose Garces is proud to announce an official brand partnership with Boisset Collection wines. Boisset Collection includes a diverse collection of unique wineries in many of the world’s most prestigious terroirs, embracing innovation and tradition with offerings from the Old World and New World, alike.

Food and wine are the most essential of pairings, and the expansive wine collection of Boisset wines aligns seamlessly with Chef Jose Garces’ diverse culinary capabilities. Chef Garces will act as a brand ambassador and partner on behalf of Boisset Collection, and the partnership will further expand Garces’ visibility within the California market. Additionally, Boisset wines will be available for purchase directly from the Chef Jose Garces’ official website.

Chef Jose Garces’ Professional Consulting Services

Chef Garces touts over twenty years as a professional chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur. Through his new professional consulting services, he aims to share his unique and specialized skillset to help clients, whether they be newcomers looking to break into the industry or experienced hospitality veterans seeking to expand or refocus. Garces is pleased to share his leading culinary and business prowess with likeminded individuals to help in growing and expanding their success in the culinary and restaurant industry. He now offers specialized consulting services in two categories:

Menu and Dining Concept Solutions, which is focused on defining restaurant concepts, developing menus, building a winning team through expert training, and advising on best practices in operational success.

Retail Product Development Services, in which Chef Garces will guide restaurateurs on extending elements of their restaurant concept’s defining characteristics into culinary and cultural products that can be sold in brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

Chef Jose Garces’ brand extension serves as a continuation of Garces’ expansive career path as a chef, restaurant owner, author, TV personality and philanthropist. He continues to operate 11 restaurants across the Mid-Atlantic region, alongside the Garces Foundation’s ongoing initiatives and annual charity event that supports Philadelphia’s immigrant community.

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