Chef Adrianne Calvo Celebrates Achievements

Chef Adrianne Calvo is now celebrating the fifth anniversary of her namesake restaurant, Chef Adrianne's vineyard restaurant and wine bar. For her 28 years she has had a striking career where she has been able to blow away critics and judges winning accolades such as the Iron Fork; being the spokesperson for Panda Kitchen and Bath; weekly spots on Univision, Clearchannel radio, and NBC 6, as well as Food Network's Chopped; and she has her own show in the works.

Some may ask how all these things have been accomplished for someone so young, but once you have tasted one of Chef Adrianne's dishes, you quickly learn that her passion is delivering "Maximum Flavor" to her guests.

Chef Adrianne, a modern day gastronomic genius, has coined the catch phrase "Maximum Flavor" and has made it synonymous with her presence at high profile events like Dali Miami, Artopia, Food Network's South Beach Food and Wine Festival, International Fashion Week, Art Basel, MOCA, and many more.

One of her favorite things to do is return to basics—deconstruct it and put her own spin on it based on her own inspirations. Intensive research and creativity go hand in hand for the trendsetting chef, as she focuses daily on introducing new dishes by seasonal availability of local produce from local farmers markets.

One example is the all-new Thai Dragon Fruit with grilled Wild Shrimp and Toasted Peanuts. This will be available until August or until the crops of local Dragon Fruit run out. This is what keeps regulars coming back more than once a week, the constant intrigue of what this culinary artist is brewing.

"I enjoy telling a story through the ingredients in a dish. I hope that when you taste our new Thai Dragon Fruit dish, you can close your eyes and imagine a tropical landscape, a beautiful setting, and a local using a chopping block to toss the ingredients together,” Calvo says.

“It's like that for all of our dishes. When you taste our fork tender osso bucco, I hope you can close your eyes, and imagine an old Italian grandma at the helm of her stove for hours on end and a lot of love.

“My goal was to make my restaurant a destination restaurant where you can dream about the food you would like to eat on your way there and talk about how great the food was on your drive back home."

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