CedarCreek Systems Partners with Provi

CedarCreek Systems, a leading eProcurement solution for Clubs, announced a strategic partnership with Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry. The collaboration aims to streamline and simplify the beverage ordering process throughout the hospitality sector. 

CedarCreek streamlines club suppliers, departments and budgets into one online marketplace that automates and manages the procurement process from the point-of-purchase through payment. Provi’s online marketplace simplifies the complex process of ordering, selling, and promoting wholesale alcohol between buyers, distributors, and suppliers. Through this partnership, CedarCreek Systems will integrate Provi's advanced ordering marketplace directly into its existing suite of software solutions. 

This integration will enable CedarCreek's customers to leverage Provi's robust functionality while seamlessly managing their inventory, sales, and other business operations within CedarCreek's platform. By streamlining the beverage ordering process, Clubs can save valuable time, maintain and evolve their beverage program, and focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

"We are thrilled to partner with Provi to offer Clubs an innovative solution that will revolutionize their beverage ordering process," adds Nicholas Wilhelm, Founder & CEO of CedarCreek Systems. "Provi's user-friendly marketplace, distributor partnerships, and comprehensive product catalog align perfectly with our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that empowers our customers to succeed with a competitive bar program."

Provi’s intuitive marketplace offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that enable businesses to seamlessly browse and order from an extensive catalog of alcoholic beverages. With its real-time inventory data, curated product recommendations, and a user-friendly interface, Provi simplifies the complex task of beverage procurement, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions quickly and effortlessly. Provi’s distributor partnerships enable Clubs to communicate orders to their sales reps digitally and efficiently. 

“Our job is to make the jobs of Club executives and managers easier,” says Andrew Levy, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Provi. “Our partnership with CedarCreek expands our reach and mission and we are excited to bring our solution to their customers throughout the U.S.”

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