Butterball Hires Allison Pugina as Foodservice Data Insights Manager

To further understand what foodservice operators need to drive sales and successfully serve turkey consumers, Butterball has hired Allison Pugina as Foodservice Data Insights Manager. She contributes to the company’s decision-making process by using sales results, primary research and other sources to identify trends; draw conclusions; and share fact-based action plans with Butterball’s sales, marketing and leadership teams.

Pugina had already worked with Butterball Foodservice for more than four years through her previous employer, Precima, an analytics consulting company that develops tailored solutions to help its customers reach their business objectives. First as a senior analyst and then a manager, she provided data-driven insights to clients that produce consumer packaged goods and collaborated with Butterball while developing the first vendor collaboration program in foodservice.

Butterball Foodservice Senior Vice President Steve Canale said, “We knew Allison would be a valuable resource for us because of her history with the Butterball brand and her proven ability to provide actionable insights based on foodservice and consumer data. She knows operators have varying opportunities depending on their industry segment, and she’s creating customized menu solutions to meet their needs.”

Pugina also partnered with Butterball’s retail division when she launched and executed brand development programs as an account manager at Perishables Group, which provides marketing services for retailers and wholesalers of fresh foods. Her new role gives her the opportunity to work with one manufacturer, which she said was part of the appeal.

“Throughout my career, I’ve admired Butterball’s forward-thinking perspective and appreciation for how data-driven actions can affect the company’s success,” Pugina says. “The insights we’re generating help us be extremely targeted in our approach and a better partner to our customers. We’re committed to learning everything we can about turkey sales and trends as well as the turkey consumer, and we can give operators new facts to be more informed when making purchasing decisions and marketing to their customers.”

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