Buona rendering

The restaurant will reopen to the public on July 7. 

Buona to Open Dual Concept Store with Rainbow Cone

The Buona Companies, owner and operator of the famous Chicago-based restaurant chain, recently announced the grand re-opening of their restaurant in Darien, Illinois. This location has been undergoing renovations to modernize the space for several months and will be open to the public on July 7th. In addition, when the location reopens, not only will it have a new look and feel – but it will also be home to the first ever Buona and Rainbow Cone, a dual concept restaurant.

“Both Buona and Rainbow Cone are iconic Chicago establishments; and while we have worked together in the past, often featuring a Rainbow Cone truck at one of our Buona locations, we are looking forward to taking our partnership to the next level and establishing a more permanent partnership with Rainbow Cone,” shares Don Buonavolanto, founding brother.

The Darien location will be a full-service Buona restaurant – offering the same extensive menu available at all 25 Buona locations –  including popular items like the Original Italian Beef Sandwich, the Buona burgers, the Plant-Based Italian Beefless Sandwich, and Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Patrons can also get Rainbow Cone ice cream either by going through the drive thru for pints and quarts or stopping into the restaurant to pick up their favorite cup or cone. In addition to a more modern atmosphere, this dual concept restaurant will have a state of the art, two lane drive thru to accommodate the increased traffic and an outstanding outdoor space that features fire pits and extensive lounge areas, perfect for families and friends to gather.

“When we were considering locations for the new dual concept restaurant, the Darien location felt like a natural fit, particularly considering the recent updates and the double drive thru that will make it easy for customers to get their Italian Beef and Rainbow Cone all in one place. Needless to say, we couldn't have been more excited to welcome the public back to our establishment this month. We know that this will be a great place for family and friends to gather for a classic Chicago meal,” says Buonavolanto. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Rainbow Cone on this project. We’re both third-generation family run businesses, so there are a lot of natural synergies that will allow us to grow our brands and carry on family traditions that started decades ago.”

“After meeting the Buonavolanto family and spending some time interacting with them, I was even more confident in my decision,” shares Lynn Sapp, Owner and Granddaughter of Rainbow Cone’s Founder. “For me, it’s always been about more than just ice cream. It’s about family – and that’s the same for the Buonavolanto family. We all feel it’s important to honor the legacy of these Chicago traditions.”

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