Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee Chooses MICROS

Hospitality Solutions International (HSI), a division of MICROS Systems Inc., a technology company that specializes in enterprise point-of-sale and management applications for hospitality and specialty retail, announced that Bob Senkar, a franchise owner of Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, has chosen to implement MICROS Simphony, a cloud-based point-of-service and enterprise restaurant management system. 

Senkar selected HSI above other POS providers because MICROS Simphony has capabilities that better fit the needs of his growing operation in terms of streamlining management processes. MICROS Simphony offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable restaurant operators maximum control over their above-store and back-office procedures, integrating data with their point of sale, and delivering full reporting capabilities.

The first MICROS Simphony deployment is slated for February 2012 at the Massillon, Ohio, Buffalo Wild Wings location, and will include reporting, inventory, and labor applications, as well as kitchen display integration. Senkar is excited about the flexibility of the system and being able to customize the flow of the POS, and will offer his input to other Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees on how this can be implemented at their stores. “I enjoy working with HSI,” Senkar says, “and that I don’t have to piece together my restaurant management system through many outside resources. I want to help pave the way for all Buffalo Wild Wings franchises to evolve toward using true, cloud-based restaurant management technologies.”

The move to a cloud-based point-of-sale and restaurant management system allows companies to save money by reducing capital investments, since servers don’t have to be installed on every property. Data and applications are hosted off site at the secure MICROS Data Center facility, reducing the need for costly upgrades and maintenance at each store.

With upward of 50 employees at each of Senkar’s Ohio restaurants, there are too many human resources variables to track using a manual system. By deploying MICROS Simphony Labor, tedious manual scheduling exercises are automated and streamlined. Also, as labor loaning between store locations becomes more prevalent, MICROS Simphony Labor allows owners of the enterprise to track these complex staffing needs. The system can help keep track of where the hours of these shared employees should be charged, especially when an employee goes into overtime.

The Web-based interface gives employees easy access to their own scheduling portal. “Many of the Buffalo Wild Wings team members are young, and in an age of everything Internet,” says Cyndi Shepley, general manager and vice president of HSI, “it makes sense to plug a restaurant’s operations into a series of Web-enabled applications, and bring them all together under one point of management.” She indicates that it is very intuitive for staff to log into their scheduling portal using their mobile device from almost anywhere.

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