Breeze Offering Complimentary Food Photography to Support NYC Restaurants

QR-code menu platform Breeze wants to help New York City restaurants recover, re-launch and gain diners through a new campaign that provides complimentary food photography to dine-in restaurants in the five boroughs. Participating NYC restaurants will receive up to three hours of professional photography of their menu items to use on social channels, in marketing materials and on their website. Restaurant operators and owners can sign up at

Breeze is a visually-led platform and regularly uses a team of professional photographers to photograph menu items for its current clients. In addition to using Breeze photographers, the company has sourced local photographers to support their neighborhood eateries.

“When identifying ways we could further support the NYC restaurant industry we thought photography was something all restaurants could benefit from,” says founder Stefan Kouumdjiev.  “We know from our research that photography of menu items drives sales, so even though photography involves extra work for us, we think it’s worth it for restaurants to have great images of their food and beverages.”

While Breeze also hopes to introduce its platform to more NYC restaurants through the free-photography campaign, there is no obligation for participants to sign up for Breeze. Full-service, dine-in restaurants within the five boroughs are eligible.

“The Breeze user experience is driven by food images and lets customers navigate menu sections more easily than other apps or physical menus. The design leads customers to order more, order more quickly and pay faster, which has substantially increased profits for our existing clients,” adds Kouumdjiev.

Check averages are up 15-20 percent for Breeze's current users.

Breeze was designed to help restaurants operate more profitably and enable front-of-house staff to spend more time on service and less time on menial tasks. Unlike other digital, contactless menu solutions, Breeze offers a hybrid model that allows digital menus and good service to coexist.

Staffing is quite possibly the largest issue facing restaurants right now; Breeze helps understaffed restaurants by allowing each server to handle 40 percent more tables at a time, without reducing their attentiveness toward guests.

The platform gives dine-in customers the ability to order and pay from their personal devices by scanning a QR code located on the table. Customers don’t need to download an app or create an account and the software integrates directly with a restaurant’s POS system.

The setup process for Breeze takes just one or two days and integrates with the restaurant’s existing POS. Once integrated, restaurant managers have the power to create multiple menu types and update them in real time.

Breeze charges an affordable flat monthly subscription fee, rather than taking a commission of restaurant sales.

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