Black Angus Steakhouse Launches Online Meat Market

Black Angus Steakhouse, the original  American steakhouse since 1964, announces a new retail line of raw, hand cut restaurant-quality steaks for consumers to cook and enjoy at home. Every year, Black Angus prepares and serves over 2 million pounds of beef, meeting the demands of  clients who eat in their restaurants and those who order takeout. The retail launch is  designed for people who crave high quality, USDA choice meat, but prefer to cook in  the comfort of their own kitchens. In addition to steak cuts and beef patties, the Black  Angus Meat Market website, where shoppers order online before picking up their  purchase in-store, offers butterflied lobster tails, butter, and shelf-stable items such as  Black Angus’ Steak Sauce—helping create the ultimate Black Angus experience at home.  

“We follow our heritage by providing quality products at affordable prices and  delivering memorable experiences to our loyal family and now we are giving them the  ability to make DIY memorable experiences at home as well,” Deborah Shapiro, Vice  President of Growth, shares. “Our raw product is the same consistent hand-cut quality  aged beef that we serve in our restaurant.”  

An industry leader with a reputation for providing top quality beef, Black Angus retains  a dedicated customer base by providing consistent, unforgettable meals. Throughout  the pandemic, Black Angus has focused on enhancing its guest services and delivering  safe dining experiences, which led to unprecedented success in 2021 with various to-go offerings—such as Family Meals for Four and a Campfire Feast for Two. This record of  culinary success has positioned the company for its new meat retail launch, an  especially timely endeavor considering the demands of many consumers who are  opting to eat at home during the pandemic.  

“We believe we are in business to consistently deliver memorable experiences and we  want to be able to bring such experiences to customers no matter where they are,”  Shapiro, explains. “Our new meat retail line reflects that belief.”  

Offering limited-time low “launch prices,” the launch features the same meat served in  Black Angus’ restaurants: USDA Choice steaks aged for at least 21 days and Certified  Angus Beef. Although, the meat is identical to the high-quality steaks served in Black  Angus restaurants, they are purchased unseasoned to enable home cooks to prepare it  in accordance with any dietary restrictions while staying aligned with their particular  palate preferences. The steaks come with a URL link on the label that directs people to  online cooking instructions, enabling them to recreate the same cooked steaks served  at Black Angus. For special tips on how to master the art of cooking Black Angus’ steaks  at home, customers can go online to view a selection of recipes.  

“The meat market’s recipe website helps you recreate your favorite culinary memory at  home, just like Stuart Anderson – our founder – imagined when he wrote out cooking  methods in his memoirs,” Shapiro explains. “At Black Angus, all guest touchpoints are  considered a part of the restaurant journey, regardless of the location.”  

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