Bittered Slings Introduces Two New Flavors

 It’s no sin to enjoy the fruits of your labors and when it comes to creating top-shelf culinary and cocktail extracts with a seasonally inspired twist, look no further than Bittered Sling’s Seven Deadly Slings. 

With two inspired new flavours — Malagasy Chocolate and Zingiber Crabapple — joining Bittered Sling’s Seasonal lineup this December, there’s a deadly sling to set the perfect tone for every occasion, no matter the time of year.

  1. Cascade Celery (July release) — Make your guests green with envy by adding a dash of this complex, herbaceous and bitter concoction to the dish or glass. This flavor captures the essence of one of nature’s most versatile ingredients, wild celery, and blends it seamlessly with the spirit of the majestic Rocky Mountain cascades.
  2. Clingstone Peach (September release) — Widely known as the juiciest, sweetest and most succulent of all peaches, the Clingstone's flesh greedily grips the pit. But, you won’t have to pry to savor the bold and robust flavours of this peachy keen extract with its uplifting, smoky, spicy, and peppery back notes.
  3. Shanghai Rhubarb (September release) — Fear the tart and tangy wrath of the rhubarb and prepare to pucker up to this floral, zesty, night-market inspired extract, offering a palatable pairing of exotic, Far East spice and the brilliant perfume of freshly harvested rhubarb from the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia.
  4. Suius Cherry (September release) — Reminiscent of those slothful, lazy summer days, Suius Cherry is a lip-smacking, delicious force to be reckoned with. Celebrating the big, bold flavor of the Lapin cherry and the sun-dappled Osoyoos (“Suius”) region of the South Okanagan, British Columbia, this extract boasts complementary notes of aromatic, bitter, sweet, and savory.
  5. Autumn Bog Cranberry (November release) — They say that pride comes before the fall, but the pleasure you’ll take in this intensely bright and florally perfumed flavor arrives in the midst of the autumn harvest. Roll up your cuffs, wade into the wetland and savor the freshly harvested tang of the cranberry crop.
  6. Malagasy Chocolate (inaugural release December 2013) — Just one drop and you’ll lust after this intensely rich, delectable creation. Harvested from the far reaches of the Malagasy plantations and roasted at Vancouver’s East Van Roasters, the Madagascar cacao beans take center stage in this dry, aromatic chocolate bitters.
  7. Zingiber Crabapple (inaugural release December 2013) — Go ahead. Be a glutton for punishment. Just like Snow White, you’ll find you’ve never been bitten by an apple quite like this. Harvested from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, the crabapple’s high-tannin skin and piquant, flavorful center is enhanced with the perfumed spice of the Zingiber family’s ginger, turmeric and cardamom.

In addition to the Seven Deadly Slings, Bittered Sling has also just released a special-vintage Kensington Dry Aromatic bitters inspired by and named for the vibrant, storied and diverse Toronto neighborhood renowned for its historic Market district. A blend of classic, dry aromatic bitters and intense herbal, high-resin spice, citrus and root flavours, Kensington is an incredibly versatile addition to the Bittered Sling family and offers a unique twist for both classic cocktails and innovative mixology. 


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