BarDog, a Bar Inventory Management App, Launches March 15

Beginning on March 15, BarDog will offer its bar inventory management app at only $35 per month. Bar and restaurant owners will be able to easily track their inventory, purchases, and cost of goods, with a user-friendly mobile app. The pricing change is targeted at driving technology adoption for bars and restaurants where pen and paper processes still dominate. George Lahlouh, owner of Paper Plane in San Jose, manages over $100,000 in inventory and uses BarDog on a weekly basis.

“BarDog helped us cut our inventory time from 7 hours to 2.5 hours,” said George, “my management team can now focus on creating a better experience for our patrons.”

BarDog is responding to the high costs of inventory software among competitors, such as Partender and BevSpot, which can reach over $240 per month.

“This is the next generation of inventory technology at a price that’s less than a bottle of Grey Goose,” says co-founder, A.K. Kapoor. “For so long, the industry has been locked into spreadsheets because the cost of changing is too high.” Bar owners that have switched from competitors to BarDog often cite the high costs associated with their former service.

The hospitality industry is notorious for its hesitation to adopt new technologies, largely due to switching costs and complexity. BarDog has developed a way to simply and efficiently transition bars and restaurants of any size to a mobile inventory system. With the BarDog app, owners can decrease inventory time, minimize theft and spillage, and track pour cost. The San Francisco-based BarDog team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.

“We have a great team of advisors to help us along the way,” says A.K. Kapoor. That list includes former Stoli Group CEO, Robert Cullins; Managing Partner of San Francisco’s Waterbar & EPIC Steak, Pete Sittnick; and owner of Mayes Oyster House, Matt Corvi. To learn more about BarDog, visit the website at, or search in the App store on both iOS and Android.

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