Atomic Hospitality Names Alexander Quintero Executive Chef of Tabú in Chicago

Atomic Hospitality announced that Alexander Quintero has been hired as the new Executive Chef at Tabú in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Renowned as both the founder and Executive Chef of Aikana Chicago, as well as the featured Chef alongside Mario Rizzoti at the NRA, Chef Quintero brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the vibrant hub of the West Loop. His culinary prowess lies in harmonizing traditional and avant-garde ingredients and techniques to curate a truly multicultural dining experience.

With a heritage rooted in Costa Rica and a family legacy deeply intertwined with the restaurant industry, Quintero has consistently disregarded his mother’s advice when she told him, “Don’t play with your food”.

Recalling his childhood, Quintero shares, "I have vivid memories of engaging in imaginative culinary performances with my siblings. I encouraged them to blend various foods and components to craft flavors that are not only captivating but deviate from the conventional. Rather than pondering 'why,' I habitually questioned, 'why not?'"

Although he harbored an enduring passion for cooking, Quintero early on recognized the relentless demands of the culinary sphere, witnessing firsthand the dedication required from his mother, who presided over two restaurants in Costa Rica. Initially contemplating a career as a pilot, he veered towards the familial path, guided by his own fervor, and ventured into the hospitality domain. Earning an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree from the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu, he honed his skills in esteemed Chicago kitchens such as BellyQ, Gibson's Restaurant Group, The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, and notably, as Sous Chef at Ambassador.

During his tenure at The Four Seasons, Quintero was introduced to exotic ingredients and diverse cuisines. The ever-evolving nature of the restaurant's cuisines and menus necessitated his adeptness in swiftly acquiring new techniques and recipes, aligning with the breakneck pace characteristic of Chicago's premier dining establishments. His aspiration at Tabú is to illuminate the indigenous cultures, farmers, and contemporary cuisines of Latin America to a broader American audience.

Beyond his culinary leadership, Quintero channels his earnings into his passion for exploration. Having traversed 11 distinct countries, he indulges in pursuits such as aerial photography, travel blogging, scuba diving, and even venturing into the depths of a jungle. 

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