App Lets Diners Directly Message Servers

Mosurv announced the launch of its self-titled mobile app for the restaurant and lodging industry. Mosurv allows customers of any eatery that subscribes to Mosurv to always be connected with their server via smart phone.

Mosurv helps businesses provide an outstanding customer experience and increase sales, all while adding to the overall convenience of the dining and lodging experience, without the exchange of personal phone numbers.

To demonstrate, Mosurv users can message their server for another round of drinks, browse menus, order an item, or ask for their check–the options are endless.

Mosurv allows the eatery to make any of its menus available to customers on Mosurv, and offers their customers a variety of preset options such as requesting the check, or even placing custom orders when their server is busy during a rush or not in their immediate area.

The app is very user friendly and after simply selecting the eatery and entering a table number, the app closely resembles texting. However, communication is only one-way; servers cannot message customers through the app, ensuring there is still plenty of face time with their server.

“Mosurv will not only add convenience for the patrons, but will also add convenience for the wait staff by easing their workload,” says Brianna Batson, Mosurv’s marketing director and former server/shift manager of two fine dining establishments. was founded in October 2011 with its headquarters in Lyndonville, Vermont. It will begin offering their first service in late-May 2012.

Mosurv plans to add to services such as virtual host; online ordering for takeout and delivery; payment processing and hooking up to popular POS; and back-of-the-house support for queuing. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

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