Allset Guarantees Seating at Restaurants that Don’t Take Reservations

Allset, a leading platform for restaurant reservations and preordering, has proven to be the only way for diners to guarantee themselves a seat at restaurants that don't take reservations.

Showing up to a no-reservation restaurant can be disappointing when diners can't get a table. Using Allset is the only way to guarantee a spot at such restaurants without having to pay additional fees.

Some of the advantages of using Allset for diners:

  • With Allset, you can make reservations, order meals, and pay the bill before arriving at the restaurant to ensure faster dine-in service. Using Allset gives diners the freedom to enjoy their restaurant experience even when short on time.
  • Because you preorder and prepay for your meal in advance, no-reservation restaurants will seat and serve you no matter what. At these places, using Allset is the only way to guarantee yourself a table.
  • To make sure that seats are available for diners upon arrival, Allset analyzes peak hours and send reservations in advance.
  • Using Allset is free for diners, so you can guarantee yourself a table at no-reservation restaurants without any additional fees.

"We think that the ability to guarantee diners a table at no-reservation restaurant is one of the best features of our service. Nobody likes to show up at your favorite restaurant, only to be turned away because it's too busy. With Allset, diners can be certain that this will never happen to them and that they'll get a table at any place they want," says Stas Matviyenko, CEO Allset.

Allset is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2015 by a group of technologically savvy, forward-thinking entrepreneurs with the goal of improving the lives of busy people by taking the hassles and wait out of the restaurant experience. Allset is currently available at 1,500+ restaurants in San Francisco and the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, and Las Vegas. Allset has raised a total of $8.35M in funding from investors, which includes Andreessen Horowitz and Greycroft, as its popularity continues to grow.

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