A glass of wine and food on a wooden table.
Unsplash/Stefan Johnson

Keeping Track of States Reopening Dine-In Service

Check back in for frequent updates.

Here is a running list of states that have official plans to re-open restaurant dining rooms with restrictions:

Alaska (April 24) 

Georgia (April 27)

Tennessee (April 27; 89 of 95 counties)

Oklahoma (May 1)

Iowa (May 1; 77 of 99 counties)

Texas (May 1)

Montana (May 4) 

Nebraska (May 4)

Missouri (May 4)

North Dakota (May 1)

South Dakota (April 28)

Utah (May 1) 

Florida (May 4; Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties now reopened)

Arkansas (May 11)

West Virginia (May 4, outdoor seating, May 21, dining rooms)

Indiana (May 11)

New Hampshire (May 18, outdoor seating)

Kansas (May 4)

South Carolina (May 4, outdoor seating, May 11, dining rooms)

Arizona (May 11)

Mississippi (May 7)

Nevada (May 9)

Alabama (May 11)

Wyoming (May 15) 

Ohio (May 15, outdoor seating; May 21, dining rooms)

Connecticut (May 20, outdoor seating)

Kentucky (May 22) 

Louisiana (May 11)

Washington (May 11, certain counties)

Virginia (May 15, outdoor seating)

Wisconsin (May 14, court struck down stay-at-home order) 

Oregon (May 15, most counties)

Idaho (May 16)

California (May 18, most counties)

Maine (May 18, most counties)

Rhode Island (May 18, outdoor seating)

Michigan (May 22, some counties)

Delaware (June 1)

Hawaii (June, counties to set own timeline with governor approval)

North Carolina (May 25)

Minnesota (June 1, outdoor seating)

Vermont (May 22, outdoor seating)

Colorado (May 27)

Illinois (May 29, outdoor seating)

New Mexico (May 27, outdoor seating)

Pennsylvania (May 29, some counties)

Maryland (May 29, outdoor seating)