Aramark Builds Community

Aramark employees help community kids create a garden.
Aramark employees help community kids create a garden. Image Used with Permission

Aramark employees use their daily skills to help those who need it.

Community centers are the hub of any neighborhood and Aramark knows that better than most companies.

In 2008 the contract foodservice company launched Aramark Building Community to enrich the lives of the less fortunate in every way that its employees’ skills would allow.

Now, Aramark Building Community supports community centers in 50 cities in four countries, 40 of them in the U.S.

Bev Dribin, Aramark’s vice president of community relations, started the program, and speaks to Restaurant Management.

What does Aramark Building Community do?

It is one of our signature volunteer programs where we engage in local communities and community centers in underserved neighborhoods.

We feel it really changes people’s lives—our employees and the people in the centers. 

What do your employees do there?

Aramark volunteers apply their culinary, nutrition, workforce training, and facilities management skills—the same skills they use to support clients—to community centers.

On any given day, you might find Aramark dietitians teaching cooking and nutrition classes for parents; our facilities managers refurbishing a weed-covered, inner-city ball field, our environmental experts advising on energy savings, our uniform services team supporting a clothing drive, or our human resources professionals discussing career or college opportunities with at-risk students.

We build on our employees’ strengths and give them an additional opportunity to serve others or their local community.

What led you to set up Aramark Building Community?

We looked at our strengths as a company and how we could share those with the community.


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